Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mommy Translator

Dallin's own little language:

boo - Get me some food.
deygo - there you go
dankoo - thank you
mama - spiderman (yeah, that's right! And, no, mama never means mommy)
da da da- daddy
Bupbup - Bryson
*if this is said while screaming, it means Bryson is attacking me*
Co - Cory
Na Nee - Nanny Goates
ldldldld - Water is in the cup.
nee - I want a drink.
mo (always said with great concentration)- Give me some more now or I'll really let you have it. die - outside (this one is his brothers' favorite, they get a kick out of their baby brother saying a "bad word"
boop (usually said while grabbing the crotch)- I'll let you guess what this one means
dat - I want that/what is that?
doe - toes
baba - I know that it's time for bed, so give me the bottle and no one gets hurt.
eye - be careful, I'm about to poke your eye.
no - I'm going to try to put my finger up your nose now.
Ow - I'm trying to be cute by pretending I'm hurt.
mmm Mmmmm MMMM- I'll have what your having.
tee - I want to brush my teeth
uh oh - You just dropped something.
Ewww - I farted

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cory's Appointment

Back in February I saw Cory's pediatrician about some of the odd behaviors I was seeing in Cory. He gave us a referral to Dr. Rice in Tucson, a pediatric behavioral therapist. We immediately made the appointment, but the lady had a ten month waiting list. WELL, we FINALLY made it to the appointment. But it wasn't at all what I was expecting, and truth be told, I was seriously let down.

She says that his behavior can be attributed to his muscle development. Apparently his muscles aren't as tight as they should be, which makes just about everything physical more demanding on him. Instead of using just his wrist and hand to write, he uses his entire arm and shoulder and some abs. This is why learning to write has been so difficult for him, he's trying to coordinate his whole body. Walking, climbing, writing, etc. is just all a bit more difficult for him. So, her theory is that he's perpetually aggitated by not being able to move right, and is therefore cranky and more sensitive in general. She says that he looks around and sees others doing things just fine, but for him it's like walking in mud. Hmmmm.... just wasn't sounding quite right.

The whole drive home I pondered this. Had I been so focused on aspergers that I wasn't open to it being something else? Was I just frustrated that I didn't hear what I wanted to or thought I would? After giving it a lot of thought, I really don't think this is what's going on, I think she's missing a huge part of the issue. What she found is certainly part of the issue, or maybe a symptom of the larger problem, but that's not the whole enchalada. It just doesn't explain why he would run away screaming because he saw that his bus had a different bus driver a few days ago, or why he just looses it when I turn music on past a certain volume, or why the slightest scrape makes him hysterical.

I have since run this diagnosis by several family members who are close to Cory to see what they think, and they are all in agreement with what I am feeling; it fits for some of his issues, but certainly not all of them.

So, my feelings are that I need to stick with what the NACD told me last month. He's got a problem processing, and he is globally immature. This would include what I just discovered about his muscles, and also explain his separation anxiety and hypersensitivity to sound and touch. Additionally, the NACD have given me much more to DO to correct these things, so despite the high cost, I think we'll keep going with it.

Meanwhile, for those who are interested, he is doing very well in school. His writing is behind the class (which now makes sense, and I know to take a different approach with this), but he is slowly becoming more involved with his class. He has even started going full days, instead of me picking him up part way through the day. His teacher knows to sit with him during field trips and assemblies, and she allows him to sit seperate from the class if he is feeling overwhelmed, but he is coming around, and needing special help less and less.

So, after the long wait, it was a bit of a let down, but the information she gave me was valuable, and I can understand him better, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cory's Art

I haven't had the time to post much lately. We had everyone sick for about three weeks, and then we decided to tile our kitchen/dining room floor, and now we're back to being sick again. I've got some pictures that I'll be posting shortly, but I wanted to get these pictures up before I lost them.

Cory is quite the artist. He's constantly drawing volcanos and pictures of the family. Here are a few of his drawings. Most of his pictures of me include a baby in my tummy (No, there isn't something I'm not telling you). I think it's sweet. He keeps telling me that he wants another baby because he loves Dallin. Gosh I love my kids, and I think one of the things I love most is seeing how much they love eachother.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My three boys all dressed up for Halloween!

Cory is an EMT (looking suspiciously like a fireman), Bryson is a fireman, and Dallin is Bob the Builder.

Cory was really sick the night before with croup and an asthma attack. I didn't think he'd be able to go trick-or-treating, but he was determined and made up his mind that he would feel better, and he DID.
The hat bothered his extra-sensitive head, so we put a beenie on under, and it worked fine.
He's such a nut!

Bryson's costume was a little bit too big. I had the option of cuting it to fit, or letting it be big and fitting him for a few extra years. He loves this costume so much, I figured I'd let it be too big for the time being.

Bob the Builder was originally going to be a skunk, but we had some last minute change of plans. He's so stinkin' cute as Bob, though.

Daddy thought his overalls were pretty handy. I love Dalin's face in this picture! Utter glee!

Dalllin wasn't thrilled about the hat, but he wore it a good part of the night.

Dalin thought trunk-or-treating at the church was all right, but the real good part was going home and discovering TONS OF CANDY! He like that a LOT! The older boys loved sharing with Dallin because he got so excited withevery new piece of candy.

Grandpa Goates came over after trunk-or-treating and helped us wind the kids down after their sugar-rush.

Dallin's Modeling Debut

I generally have lots and LOTS of "help" in the house, out in the yard, and whenever I go shopping. Sometimes the kids even "volunteer" without asking, or even me knowing about it. Dallin "volunteered" the other day in the garden, and was just so happy, I couldn't help but let him continue to "help". He's such a stud, here are his other modeling poses...

The front shot

The rear shot

Bending over

And a close-up on his face

What a handful, but he coudn't be any cuter, I swear!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caught Brown-Handed!

Guess who got caught with both hands in the peanut butter jar!!!

This next picture makes me crack up so hard!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to be sneaky and discreatly slide my hand back into the peanut butter jar. I don't think mom will notice.

And a close-up to see just how thick the stuff was on his face. The bathwater was so brown afterwards!!

It's one of those experiences where you grab the camera before the washcloth.

Friday, September 26, 2008

We have a garden!!!!

We got the best presant ever this past week!!! My good friend Sarah Avalos gave our family a garden for a late b-day/early Christmas presant, and then she had her mom and step-dad help assemble everything for us. I have been wanting one really bad, so this was so perfect. We had lots of helpers as we put everything together. Here's the crew:

Looks like we've got a plumber in the family! I couldn't help but post it! He'll hate me in years to come!

Dallin enjoyed "helping" too! Needless to say, bathtime shortl followed this picture!

In these pictures he looks all bruised, but it really is all dirt! (Well, maybe a little spit too)

We'e also had some friends move out of town this last week. Jonathan is Bryson's age and William is Dallin's age. The kids got along really well, and we were sad to see them go.

The kids saying good-bye to Jonathan...

We also have some REALLY happy news to report. John will be working back in town starting next week. I am SOOOOO happy to have him back in town!!! Yay for being a family again!

Also, we had Cory's appointment with the NACD on Thursday this last week. Bob Doman, the founder of the organization was able to evaluate Cory himself. He doesn't like using labels, but mentioned the Cory was "globally immature" and had a processing problem. Based on this, he will create a program for us to do at home. We will begin program next week. I am SO hoping to see some improvement.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it me or are they growing up faster and faster?

We have had some technical difficulties the past few weeks, so I haven't posted a lot lately (darn viruses ate our computer, but my dear ol' dad came and saved the day). Dallin has been growing so much, it's hard to believe that 13 months ago I gave birth to the little guy. Now he's on the brink of walking and talking. He knows several words, and it's like he learns a new one every day. He knows "hot" and "uh oh" and "ball" and "fan" and "dada" and "that". Of course, some of these words sound remarkably similar, but we won't go there. Here he is standing up in the middle of the room trying to take a step. He'll take a step or two or three and then come tumbling down, then get back up and try it again. He wants to be big like his brothers so badly.

Daddy came home this weekend with a new hard hat, and Dallin loved wearing it. It was so cute because it was probably three times the size of his head. Some of his pictures are blury. It's hard a photograph a moving target.

With all the schoolwork that Cory has been doing, Bryson has begun to get interested in drawing. Here is one of his first drawings that are more than scribbles. He was quite proud, just as he should be. He told me this was me. I said it looks like me, except I have long hair, not short hair. So, he drew the spikes about an inch longer, all stickng straight up. Yep, then it looked like me.

Cory has been going through a major growth spurt. He's probably grown an inch and a half in the lastthree or four months. His legs have been having growing pains from it, and his pants that I just bought him for school are starting to become highwaters.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

My music

We got to visit my sister-in-law, Jessica, and her family up in Tucson last week for my new neice's baby blessing. It was nice seeing everyone, even if only for a short visit. She asked me to mention on my blog why I chose the music I did. thought that might be fun, so here goes:

Remember When, Alan Jackson - Besides this being a really pretty song, I like the perspective the song gives. It's easy to get wrapped up in the seemingly never-ending toddler stages, it's good to remember every once in a while that this too will end, and we will miss it when it's gone. I also just love the line "Remember when the sound of little feet was the music we danced to week to week" Yep, sounds about right, except maybe "year to year" would be more accurate. :)

Watching You, Rodney Atkins - With kids, you really do have eyes watching you at all times. And every parent knows that they pick up the good habits, as well as the bad. Just a cute song.

You're still the one, Shania Twain - A tad sappy, I know, but John and I have faced so many obstacles, and I am just so grateful that we've made it as far as we have despite it all. I love my hubby!

Home, Michael Buble - John has been working out of town for the past few months, and he's still got several months left. Luckily he gets to come home every weekend (thank goodness!!!) Everytime I hear this I think of him. Even though I am the one technically staying home, I feel like I get to "go home" every weekend when he joins us.

It's Your Love, Tim McGraw - Yeah, I guess I'm still a bit twitterpated. Once again, a tad sappy, but it just makes me so happy thinking of all the good times we've shared and all the things I have because of my loving husband.

Not a moment too soon, Tim McGraw - This is my favorite song on here because I didn't choose it. John saw that I was adding music for the blog, and he asked me to add this one. I had never heard it before, so I listened to it with him for he first time there in the dark. It ended up being one of the sweetest most romantic moments ever. The lyrics are so sweet, and if anyone knows some of our history, this coming from John is very meaningful. And it was so cute how insistant he was that I add this song. It's so great being married.

Bring on the Rain, Jo Dee Messina- After coming through some of the difficulties we've faced over the past few years, it's nice to look back and be happy with the growth that our family has made (not just in size!). I love the "bring it on" mentality, cuz you know that whatever we go through, however difficult it is, it's always for our own good.

Looking back it's funny how many country songs I have on here because I really don't even listen to country that much. I'd love to hear why other people chose they music they did!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun Pictures

Here are a bunch of random kiddo pictures that I've been wanting to add.

Dallin "hiding" under the table...

Playing peek-a-boo

Kicky Feet - we need to get a video of this on the blog, it's HILARIOUS!

Rootbeer floats on a Sunday afternoon, it's officially summer!

Hanging with Aunt Isha

Cory being grumpy...something about this picture reminds me of Jason on our home video from years ago.

Good times! We've made a lot of fun memories this summer. I can't believe it's gone so fast.

Dallin's 1st Birthday

My little Dallin turned 1 on August 16th (Saturday). He is such a chunk of fun, I swear! We have had all my kids' first birthday parties at my parent's house, so we decided to carry on that tradition.

We had homemade pizza, which Dallin loved. (Pizza is one of his favorites since he was about 6 months old!) He of course made a mess, but that's half the fun, right?

Then, the cake...He wasn't so sure about it at first....

But he sure warmed up to the idea fast!

I know this picture is a bit frightening, but it's so funny, I had to add it!
Hmmmm....did I miss a piece?

We all had a bunch of fun watching him down the giant piece of cake. We were so sad John wasn't able to make it, he was taking his CDL test, and it ran a lot later than expected (the guy testing him was called into an emergency at work, arghh). But YAY, he passed it, so now he is a commercially liscenced driver! Way to go, we're so proud!
Dallin didn't quite get the whole gift-giving concept, but the older boys sure enjoyed teaching him about it.

I can't believe my baby is one! Where did the time go? I guess I was too busy to notice it passing. He is such a darling little guy, so glad to have him. Happy birthday, little one!