Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blonde? Utterly sleep deprived? or Complete and total idiot?? Hmmm....

I'm trying to decide which word describes me best after this weekend's "incident".  Oh boy. 

Thursday night rolled around and after a few nights of not sleeping (courtesy of my adorable baby), and I was exhausted.  The thought crossed my mind that I should give the kids baths, but instead I found myself on the computer.   The internet had been down for two days and I finally had a quiet moment to sit down and try to get it working.  After about an hour of fiddling with settings it started working.  Yay!  I was pround.  The thought about the kid's baths came around again, but it was getting late, so I figured I'd give them baths in the morning.  So instead, I sent Cory to brush his teeth.  Cory obeyed and a moment later he yelled, "Mom, there's water EVERYWHERE!!" 

Oh crap. 

I ran in, and aparently I had turned on the bathwater.  I still have no recollection of doing this, but the kids say that I told Bryson to get in the tub, so aparently I did. 

There was an inch of water in the bathroom.  I was literally scooping it up by the cupful.  When that was done, I went to see what the damage was to the carpet.  The water had spread all the way from the bathroom almost to my bed (about 10 feet), and entirely across the width of the bedroom (around 15 feet).  I could literally step on the carpet across the room and it was splash it had so much water in it. 

While all this was happening, John was still at school and Logan was screaming his sweet little head off.  But that's just how these things go.

After about a half hour of attempting to get some of the water out, John came home.  (Ahhh, my knight in shining armor!!  What relief!)  And he didn't even say anything about my "little mistake", he just dug in and helped clean and with the baby.  He called his parents and they came over with their carpet cleaner, so we had two going trying to get the water out.  My carpet cleaner got 5 1/2 jugs of water (probably about a gallon each) out of the carpet, and I only did the portion furthest from the bathroom.  John's parents stayed until almost midnight helping me with the baby and with the carpets.  (Don't I have the best inlaws ever??)

Two days later, the carpet is still moist and now the stench of mildew is breathtaking.  I'm praying we don't have to tear up the carpet, but I'm not sure we'll be able to get around it.  Ughh....!!!!

The song "If I only had a brain" comes to mind.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dallin turns 3!

Little Dallin turned this many... many...

For his birthday, we planned a SUPER fun day.  Nana and Grandpa Tilton treated us to a day at the Tucson zoo.  We took Uncle Jacob along with us.

Logan came along for the ride too, and stayed asleep, snug as a bug in the sling the entire time.

Kissing the peacock... (???)

The highlight of the trip for Dallin was the train ride.

Such a happy three year old!

Then came the animals!

Dallin was trying to sneak up on the peacock. 

Dallin got a little airplane/fan/sucker from the gift shop, he loved the thing!

He kept trying to fan off the animals to help them stay cool.  :)

At the zoo there is a little water-play area for the kidlettes.  Dallin had lots of fun.

After the zoo we went over to Nanny and Grandpa Goates' house for a birthday party.

There's nothing in the world like family!

I made a volcano cake for Dallin.  It was better in my head than in reality, but Dallin sure loved it.

Presant time!!

Bouncing around on his birthday presant.  :)  He's such a nut!

Dallin is a wonderful addition to our family.  He is so rascally, but then the next minute he's ultra-loving and sweet.  He's great at obeying and wrestling.  He loves hanging out with his older brothers.  In his mind, he IS one of the big boys.  I am so enjoying my time with him during the day with the older boys at school.  He adds so much to my life. 

Happy birthday, Dallin!  You're awesome.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to School 2010

It's ba-ack!
School-time, that is! Cory is in 2nd grade this year. That's right. Second grade. Blows my mind. He's done WONDERFUL this year. The transition back to school has gone very smoothly. It helps that he's got the same teacher and classroom and mostly the same students that he had last year. He was a tad hesitant going into the classroom, but once we got him in, we were all home free. I am so proud of him. He's grown up SO MUCH since he started school just a few short years ago.

Bryson is now in first grade. Once again, blows my mind. He didn't get the teacher I wanted him to get. I've seen his teacher around school quite a bit, and she always seemed frustrated with her students. I wasn't going to tell Bryson this, I just told him that in 1st grade it's even more important to do what the teacher tells you to do. Well, when Cory heard which teacher Bryson had, he said "Oh no, that's the teacher that yells a lot." (Thanks, Cory) So, Bryson spent half the day being scared to go to school, crying that his teacher was going to yell at him. Then he spent the rest of the day trying to be extra good and helpful. Every time he would do something especially sweet he'd say, "My teacher will like it when I do that, and then she won't yell at me." So sad. When we met his teacher the night before school started he told her, "I don't like being yelled at." Yeah, you tell her, kid. So far she has been very nice. I hope it lasts and she can see how truly special my kid is. (Yes, I know, I'm totally a biased party, but HE IS!)
He was so funny, he HAD to wear his sungasses to school. ha ha, cute boy.
Poor little Dallin was left behind again. At least this time he's got his baby brother too.
We've had a lot of fun with the older boys gone. He's gotten to make cookies with me, ride a back hoe with daddy, and we did a little photo shoot after he helped me with yard work.
I love his little mohalk. :)
What a little sweetheart.

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