Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just a little brother

Dallin has always enjoyed watching his big brothers get on the bus. He watches closely as they get up the steps, and as soon as they sit down, he waves. He waves until the bus is half way down to the next bus stop. Then he'll usually turn around and find a cool rock to play with or something.
Well, today for whatever reason, he thought he was getting on the bus too. I think he was just following his brothers (he instinctively mimics their every move), and when he got to the steps, he realized that he COULDN'T go. He turned around and looked at me, made the most pathetic little pouty face and ran to me, crying. I held him and he clung to me for several minutes, crying "Bus. Go. School." Oh, it just breaks my heart. My poor little one! It'll come, hun, just hang in there a few more years.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bryson doing the macarena, and Cory with a loose tooth

Cory has had a loose tooth for a while now. Quite a while now, actually. Two loose teeth actually, but one in particular. That darn thing just won't come out, it's got one little root hanging on for dear life. He can literally turn the tooth around backwards or up-side-down, but it won't come out. Because of Cory's little sensitivities, I don't have the heart to just give it a yank (or some string and a door), so there it sits. Here he is three days ago with his tooth barely in, and no, it still hasn't come out.

Bryson's kindergarten teacher came up with a very....unique...or creative....way to teach the kids their months of the year - to the Macarena! Yes, that dance we did over and over and over so many years ago. Here he is doing it for us.

Just to embarrass him a tad further, I have to share how I found out he knew the Macarena.

He was in the bathroom...doing his thing...and I happened to walk by (he rarely closes the door) and he was on the pot doing the Macarena. HA HA HA HA. I had to look twice to make sure what I saw was indeed what I saw, but it was. I guess he got bored. ha ha ha ha