Monday, May 18, 2009

Alpaca Farm

This week for playgroup, we went to an alpaca farm. Not sure what an alpaca is? Not a problem, I've got plenty of pictures....

They're closely reltated to llamas, and come from Peru. The farm owner runs the farm out of her residence.

The kids were able to feed and pet the alpacas. Here's Bryson giving one his lunch.

And here's Dallin giving one a little treat.

The kids really enjoyed the animals. Dallin kept wandering around with his little handful of food trying to feed the alpacas, but they were more interested in the big handfuls some of the older kids could carry. It was really cute.

After the alpaca farm, we went and had a potluck at Jessica Homes's house. While we were there, Bryson caught the cutest little baby bunny ever. I swear, the thing was adorable.

I'm still not sure how he caught the thing!

Oh! So cute!!

The kids followed Bryson around for the rest of the time, trying to hold the little guy.

And he took the little bunny all over their yard!

He tried really hard to share "his" bunny. He was very protective over the little thing.

Dallin wanted to do a lot more than just pet the little bunny, but Bryson knew enough to not let him actually hold it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

My camera is currently out of batteries, and I keep forgetting to recharge them, but I had to document my mother's day, sadly without pics.

John was wonderful and got up with the kids and made breakfast for me. I asked to have a muffin, so he went shopping the night before to get me a muffin from the bakery, and also came home with flowers. Ahhhh...

My sweet husband unfortunately has a problem with insomnia, and it was especially bad the night before Mother's Day, so he was just dead tired, but he helped me get the kids ready for church and out the door. Sacrament meeting was....difficult...with the three boys and no Daddy. It's comical now that it's all over. Dallin was exhausted and desperately needing a nap, so I tell the other two that I need to do TWO laps around the church and then I'll be back and that I expect them to be reverent while I'm gone (har har). So, I make my laps and Dallin is almost asleep, and I peek into the chapel, only to find my Cory standing up and freaking out (hitting his head and fussing) and then sits down in a very dramatic pout. Bryson then took put his own hands to Cory's face to try to make him smile. Cory instinctively kicked, and it ended up hitting Bryson in his side, and Bryson starts bawling. I'm standing in the corner trying to get their attention to come to me, but to no avail. And of course we were sitting in the center of the center section. It turned out fine, and I was able to sit down, get the older boys under control, and then I was able to put Dallin to sleep the rest of the way, but whew, for a minute I wasn't sure I was going to make it. Luckily my ward gives out chocolate for Mother's Day (not just the little candy bars, but king size candy bars and the 8-pack of miniature candy bars), so I had my chocolate buzz and was immediately once again grateful for motherhood.

After church I got a nap (oh yeah!) and John made a yummy lunch. My own mother was out of town taking care of her mom, so my dad and Shelisa invited me and the rest of the family over for a BBQ. Shelisa made quite the feast, and it was really fun. I felt quite spoiled. We took a nice walk after dinner in the perfect Sierra Vista weather, and little Dallin walked the whole way - no being carried for him.

I love my kids and I love being a mom. I am so grateful for the example that my mom set for me, and I am appreciative of many things I've learned from my mother-in-law as well.

Bryson's first kiss

Today as I was loading the kids in the car after getting together with some friends, I notice Bryson smiling... I mean, REALLY grinning wide. I asked him what was up. He said, "I played Sleeping Beauty. I was prince Phillip and my friend played Sleeping Beauty." (Yes, his friend is a girl). He was still just grinning from ear to ear. I said, "Bryson????" And with his goofy grin he said, "And I kissed her on the lips!" AHHHHHHHH He's FOUR! Oh dear...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Mother's Day Treat...tee hee

My Mom
She is great.
She is wonderful.
She is kind.

My mom's favorite food is:
but she doesn't like:
spicy red hot peppers

He told me he was sorry for forgetting to give me hair.

Mom helps our family by:
My mom takes out the trash.

If mom could have one wish come true, she would wish for:
She'd wish she had a vacation.
ha ha ha ha ha
Oh, I can't even express how much I love being a mom.