Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catch up!

It has been way way too long since I have blogged about my little family.  Consequently, there is a major back log of pictures in this post documenting my time with just me and the kids.  (John has traveled all over the US.  Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Georgia.  He's got a great job that is keeping him busy, and we miss him like CRAZY.)

My and adorable little Logan.

Yeah, we're a little big nutty.  That's what fatigue does to me.  ha ha.

A couple Sundays ago we were ready for church early.  It was such a miraculous event, that of course I had to snap some shots of my 4 - all clean, all dressed, all combed - little boys.  

There's Cory, of course.  

*Me Shaking my head*

How we love him.



...And Logan.

A few weeks ago we were invited to go to the mountains with some good friends.  Fun!

The older boys got hair cuts and looked absolutely darling.  I love their expressions!!

I have had to learn to balance being a working mom.  Oh boy.  It's been interesting.  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right?  My thyroid levels went crazy for a few months, but I've got them under control now, and life once again feels like I actually have a chance of surviving.

My job is going well.  I've been at the dialysis center for seven months now.  I've definitely improved, and things are becoming easier.  I still have plenty of room to improve, but at least I never get bored!  I only work three days a week, but those are long days.  I usually work two 15-16 hour days, and one 12 hour day.  I love doing the needles.  I didn't think I would, but I'm sort of a needle junkie now.  I still get scared, but it's a total rush.  I love the patients.  They are amazing people.  I have had to say good-bye to some sweet hearts which has been sad, but I guess that's just part of the job too.  My co-workers are nice and I have gained friends through my work.  

Life without my darling husband has gotten easier.  Not easy...just easier.  I miss him like crazy, but hopefully this won't have to last TOO much longer. 

My littlest sister went to the temple.  The whole family was able to attend.  We love Shelisa!!!!

I went to pick up Cory from my inlaws and I found him outside "playing the guitar".  ha ha.  I love you, Cory.  Always good for a chuckle!!

In John's travels, he's gone all cowboy on us!  Mmmm.  

Logan took a spill down the stairs, landing face first on the tile.  

Cory and Dallin.  

Wow!  I got a picture without him making a goofy face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryson looking older.  

Dallin being adorable.  

Logan fell asleep in the car with a hat on.  I tried to take it off when I came inside but he woke up and went completely hysterical when I tried to take it off.  So, I did what any mother would do.  I gave him back his hat.  He went right back to sleep and slept for a solid three hours.  With the hat on the whole time.  Sweet baby.  He thinks he's a big boy.  

He got a cute new little outfit from Aunt Shelisa.  

Him checking himself out in the mirror.  

John was able to visit for a couple weeks, and he wore a beanie most days.  After he left, Logan wanted to wear beanies every day.  

Chubby baby feet!!

Bath time!!  I know all these bath pictures are a little redundant, but he was so cute in all of them, I couldn't choose which to take out.  :)

Bryson all studly and ready for school.  He loves his new Diamondbacks backpack!!!

So, that's the jist of the past few months of me and my crew.