Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day and potty training...yeah, I know, an odd combination

Guess who's officially a BIG BOY????

He's so proud of his big boy underwear (especially these ones - they have Hulk AND Spiderman!)

So, here's the potty-training story....

After I got done writing an email, I realized that Dallin had been quiet for a long time. A little TOO quiet, if you catch my drift, so I go on a search for him. Where do you think I found him???

He had stripped COMPLETELY and UTTERLY naked, climbed onto the toilet, and was trying to POOP!!!

I hadn't even STARTED potty training him yet. The poor little thing wasn't tall enough to climb on with the seat down, so he put the seat up and was trying to balance with just the bare toilet (which is hard enough for a person with a big ol' booty, but he's only got a little two-year-old tooshy!!) He was shaking and gripping on for dear life, but he was determined to poop. He even tooted a few times, so I know he was pushing the right way, if you know what I mean. So, after that I took him to WalMart and we got him a little toilet seat (one that actually fits his little rump) and some big boy underwear, that he of course got to pick out. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this little boy!!! He's just such a darling. I mean, a complete rascall, but a darling too. Ah. So, I've been having fun trying to potty train the little guy ever since.

Here are some of his "cute" little potty training habits that he does.

  1. He HAS to be the one to turn on the light in the bathroom. Even if it's already on, he pulls his stool over there, turns it off, and then turns it on again.

  2. He's got to be 100% naked to "go". This means no shirt or socks.

  3. He likes to change his underwear every time he "goes". Yeah, I'm never going to see the bottom of the laundry basket again!

  4. He has to wipe his tooshy, even if he only peed, actually, even if he doesn't even "go". It's just part of the ritual.

As for Valentine's Day, we had a wonderful one this year. We had a yummy breakfast (new recipe) and gave the kids each a box of chocolates. They were SOOO very excited. Church was good. Then, my mom asked if she could have the kids over for dinner at her house so they could skype with great-grandparents. We of course eagerly agreed (thanks, mom!) So, that meant John and I got a romantic dinner for TWO (well, 2 1/2)

At first I wanted to do something elaborate that I hadn't tried before, but John convinced me it would be better to just spend the time hanging out, rather than cooking, so we made a fairly simple dinner together, and it turned out PERFECT.

The steaks were on sale, so we got a value pack. What usually was $46 in steak, I got for $16! Yaya! Can you tell which plate is man's and which is woman's? ha ha ha, I've been on a veggie kick this pregnancy, and John is a lover of mashed potatoes.

After dinner we went on a walk around the block, did dishes, and it was time to pick up the kids. Just a wonderful, low-key evening. Like I said, PERFECT.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

24 weeks

Had my doctor's appointment yesterday, so here are the stats:

measuring right on time
heart beat: 141 beats/min
weight: 146 (8 lbs in the last month, whoa! And that makes 23lbs for the pregnancy)

Feeling great these days, I have plenty of energy as long as I get my nap. Of course, you don't want to see me if I haven't gotten my nap. :)