Wednesday, September 22, 2010

After-school conversation

Bryson: Mom, are you having another baby?
Mom:  No.
Cory:  Yeah, Bryson, Mom's not having another baby.  She's just getting fat.
Bryson:  Mom, why are you getting fat?
Cory:  It's just because she's getting old.

Thanks guys.  If I hadn't been laughing so hard, I would have been highly offended. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ha ha ha

Cory this morning:
"Mom, I really want a little sister.  Can you make one for me?"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Picture Overload

I've got so many pictures documenting special memories!  Most of these are of little Logan.  I've tried over and over to catch a smile, and I finally got a few!  Yeah!

Bryson and Dallin eating something gooey over at Nanny Goates' house.

Bryson had the wonderful opportunity to go to California with my mom to visit with my grandparents.  Fun was had by all involved.

Banana and Grandpa!  I don't think I'll ever be too old to call her Banana!  How I love this couple!

This is my mom's mom.  She's suffering from alzheimers, but Bryson LOVED her.  He kept talking about how cute she was.  ha ha ha

Grandpa Kowallis (mom's dad) - with a beard?  I've never seen him with a beard before. 

Here's my parents with Logan.  I tried to decide which picture of Logan and my mom was cutest, but I couldn't decide, so I thought, what they heck, I'll just put em all up here.  Why not?

We had a combined birthday party for Bryson and my dad over at my parent's house. 

I made a "dirt cake" for the event.  The boys thought it was cool.

 My BEAUTIFUL neice Kali. 

My brother recently moved to Thatcher, so it's been fun having him close by.  For his birthday, we had a little get-together at my parent's house.  We didn't have any candles for him to blow out, so we had him blow out the gas stove instead.  :)

My parents and Kali! 
Logan smiles!

Cory came up with these poses all by himself.  ha ha ha!

Little Logan and his Daddy!!

More smiles!

Babies always look so small in their Daddy's arms.

Tummy time!!

Logan's first meal!  Bananas!!!  He LOVED it!!!  Here's how it happened:

I was eating a banana in front of Logan and he looked totally interested, so I gave him a little lick.  His eyes got big.  His arms and legs started moving.  So, I mashed a little up for him with some water.  I sat him up, all his brothers gathered around, and in went the first spoon.  Eyes wide.  Feet kicking.  I pull it out to get more and he immediately starts screaming.  But then he seems the spoon coming back and he starts kicking again.  :)  He kept trying to pull the spoon into his mouth, and he'd cry every time I took it out.  Oh, the little darling.  Cory took this picture for me.  Aparently I still had some paint on my hands from the painting project I'd been working on.

Logan is my first child who enjoys tummy time.  I love it!  He rolled over for the first time a couple days before he turned three months.  Yes, I'm a proud mama!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little something to remember

It makes me so sad to know that I can't remember every single precious moment with my children.  I ache to think about how much I've forgotten with the older two boys.  Shame on me for not keeping a journal!  Anyways, since I've kept a blog, I have a place now to write all the tender little memories, and I love scrolling back and looking over them.  I love seeing over time how much they all have grown.  So, here's a few little memories about my sweet little three-year-old Dallin that I don't want to forget. 

One of his new favorite words is "Awesome!"  I'll give him a treat or show him something gross - such as a bug - and he'll say "Awesome" in his little voice.

After the kids get on the bus we have some semi-alone time, since Logan is still too young to contribute to conversations.  He'll yell from the back of the car "Mom?  Mom!  MOM!!!"  Until I say "Yeah?" and he'll say, in his darling voice, "Li Luv Yloo"  Melts my heart every time.

When we have a quiet moment (yes, it does happen every once in a while) I get to pull him on my lap and marvel at how he can be so big and so little at the same time.  I tell him he's my joy.  He corrects me and tells me that No, he's my BIG joy, and I'm his BABY joy.  I was having a crummy mommy morning today (sick, tired, dirty house, daddy at school), and he did that, and it totally changed my day around. 

Thanks, son.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sibling dialogue

Cory: Mo-om!  Bryson was shaking his booty at me!
Bryson:  No I didn't!
Cory:  Yes you did, I saw you.
Bryson:  But I didn't!  I don't even HAVE any little shoes!!
Mom (in the background):  tee hee hee hee

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh, my beautiful baby boy!

He'll be 3 months in a couple days.  He is now 14lbs and 24.5" long.  He's between the 75th and 90th percentile for both.  All my other babies were short and fat, it's different to have one long and chubby.  He can go from his back to his side now, and he smiles ALL THE TIME.  But once the camera comes out, he immediately looks puzzled. 

ha ha.

He loves it when I sing to him, and the more dramatic the song, the more he loves it.  His favorites are Think of Me (Phantom of the Opera) and Hopelessly Devoted to You (Grease).  He'll try to sing along too.  It's absolutely adorable.

A couple weeks ago we got to go down to Thatcher.  The ride was very nice in our new big vehicle. 

Texas Canyon, or what the kids call "The place with big rocks" was the hit of the trip.

John and I got to go through the new temple, and we all visited with Jason, Alissa, and Kali.

I know this next picture is horrible of me, and if I could, I'd crop myself out, but don't Kali and Logan look like cousins??

Also, this week I'm painting my front room.  I've had a few helpers.

Yes, I was brave enough to have all four boys present while I painted, and I let them "help" paint, one at a time.  They all had a lot of fun.  Too bad I didn't get a pic of Cory painting too.