Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bye Bye kidney stones!

I had surgery today for the kidney stones. There are two types of proceedures (well, two that don't involve any cutting), and I was told up until today that I would have the one that was a little more invasive, but more effective. I didn't want this one, but the stone was in a place that the other proceedure wouldn't work as well. Well, we got to the hospital and I was told that I had the option of the less invasive, less effective proceedure, called lithotripsy, so I took that option.

Here's the jist of what it is:

You lie on a water-filled cushion, and the surgeon uses X-rays or ultrasound tests to precisely locate the stone. High-energy sound waves pass through your body without injuring it and break the stone into small pieces. These small pieces move through the urinary tract and out of the body more easily than a large stone.

Everything went well, and I am back home, a little loopy from the anesthesia, but very happy, but that might be the meds too...hmmm...

I haven't had too much discomfort from the smaller fragments passing. I don't have much of a voice from the tube being down my throat during the proceedure, but since the kids are being taken care of by my wonderful parents and in-laws, I have no need for my "loud voice". I can't breastfeed for a day because of the antibiotics, so little Logan is on the bottle, but doing REALLY well with it.

BUT, the REAL SILVER LINING in this whole thing, is that I got an AWESOME NAP!! Thanks to the anesthesia, I got a nice, long UNINTERRUPTED nap. Oh yeah. This whole mess was almost worth it just for that!

So, just wanted to post an update for any who are wondering. This whole thing has been one miracle after another. I wasn't even sure that the kidney stone was even still in there because I haven't had any pain in almost two weeks, but it was definately still there. How awesome is it that I just couldn't feel it? Then I got the proceedure that I wanted, but didn't think I could get. I have all the help I need. My baby is doing good with the bottle. Of course, the nap (we can't forget about the nap!!) I could go on and on.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dad Life

Oh gosh, I saw this and I couldn't help but post. Hee hee hee. The music sorta sucks, but sooo darn funny! It's so much fun watching the men we love morph into daddys. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 Weeks Old

I always regret not having many pictures of when the kids are newborns. So, this time around I swore I would get more when they were little-little. Now I remember why I don't have many pics, kids are so non-photogenic right out of the belly! Here Logan is at 2 weeks old, starting to look adorable (finally! I mean, he's always been adorable, but the camera is finally starting to see it)

A few days ago Dallin created an airplane for Buzz Lightyear to fly in.

Dallin got bit by an ant the other day, one on each wrist. The next morning his hands swelled up REALLY bad, one hand in particular. The pics don't even begin to do it justice. He was swollen half way up his arm. He didn't seem to bothered by it, though. Just made his mama nervous.

And here's Dallin being a wonderful big brother. Gosh, he looks so much like Bryson!!!! I have to look twice at the pics to see which kid he is.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kidney Stones (FUNNY)

Ok, this had me laughing SOOOOOOOOOO hard. If you've every had kidney stones, you'll be rolling too!! Especially the Modern Family blurp...HA HA HA!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My boys!!

I just love being a mommy to this wild crew!
I got a new camera a few days ago, and I've been having fun taking pictures with it. :) Here's some random ones of each of the kiddos...
First, little Logan. He's been such a sweet and peaceful baby. We are already in love with him!

Logan was laying on his blankie, and the boys didn't want him to get sad, so they arranged this setup for him, complete with toys and binkie! He will be taken care of, occasionally mauled, but mostely taken care of.

Oh, and here's little Dallin, not looking quite as little anymore. He's such a nut, and keeps us all entertained. He's been suprisingly gentle with Logan, although I did catch him throwing pretend punches and kicks at the baby while I wasn't watching...oh boy. But seriously, he's been so sweet, just wanting to help, and very curious about this new little fella in the fam.

Bryson is just as wonderful as can be. He such a sweet-heart, and so easy to please. I love that he just goes with the flow of everything.

And last, but not least, Cory!!! He's been a huge help since the arrival of Logan a week ago. He makes small meals for his brothers, gets them drinks, helps them get buckled in the car, etc. Plus he's been a huge help cleaning up. He now vacuums the rooms, it's so nice having such a willing helper!

Showing off his guns:

As for me, recoery has been wonderful. If it weren't for this darn kidney stone, I'd be feeling great. I saw a urologist a couple days ago and they'll be operating on it in the next couple of weeks. Thank goodness, can't wait to have this sucker out!
And as for John, he's been keeping busy with work and school. Plus he injured his back even further recently so now he's got to get an MRI to see what is going on. He's been pretty uncomfortable with that, but continues to be a huge help. It's been interesting functioning around the house with both of us high on pain meds. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Logan's birth story

Logan was born on June 3, 2010 at 9:35 in the morning but not before a LOT of work!

I went into this labor expecting it to be similar to my last births. They were relatively fast (Cory was 12 hours active labor, Bryson was 4 hours active labor, and Dallin was only 1 1/2 hours active labor). The last two were big babies, so I figured I wouldn't have any problems with that either, so all in all, I felt pretty confident going into this whole thing.

Mother nature decided to throw me a curve ball with this one.

I am reminded of the saying "Courage is not always a roar. Sometimes courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow." Although I won't have to do this again tomorrow (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!), this labor did not feel like a huge empowering triumph like it usually does, it was just a quiet whisper, "I did it."

Anyways, as you may have read in earlier posts, I had been eagerly awaiting Logan's arrival for quite a while. I had an induction scheduled for the morning of the 3rd (which I was totally terrified about because I'd never had pitocin, and the thought of that and them breaking my water made me want to cringe, I didn't think I could do it without the pain meds), but I ended up going into labor on my own the day before. HIP HIP HOORAY

Contractions started regularly at about 3pm. I was having back labor, which I haven't had before, so I was very confused about what was going on. By 6pm I was in tears, not sure if I was in labor, or if I was just having false back labor YET AGAIN! At 6:30 John came home (What a relief, it's amazing how much safer I feel with my hubby there, even if he's not doing anything) and we decided to call Stephanie Fritz, who would be a doula for us at the hospital. She came over and checked me, I was at 4cm, regular contractions, about 2-4 min apart, so it was confirmed, I was in labor! The kids were sent off to my parents house, and we stayed at home to do my thing for a few more hours. Things progressed beautifully, although a little slower than what I'd experienced in the past.

By 9:00pm I was ready to go to the hospital. With how fast my previous labors had been, we wanted to be sure we had enough time to check in and get in my room before it was time to push! So, we went to the hospital, but once I got there, things slowed down dramatically. Contractions were only coming every 7-8 minutes. They checked me, and I was still just below a 5. I was frustrated, but still wanting to do things naturally. Dr. Silva offered to break my water, but I (STUPIDLY) declined. So, he went home.

After this, the time everything happened sort of gets blurry. Somewhere around midnight I was still about a 7, and contractions were still only 7-8 min apart. I did back-labor during a lot of this time too. The contractions were do-able, but Logan started kicking during them. This was NOT COMFORTABLE. I've had three babies, and that kicking was the most pain I'd been in, ever. So, I sort of lost it. Stephanie helped me re-gain control, more or less. Around 3am I was in a lot of pain from the kicking, but I was still only a 7. The doc wouldn't be back at the hospital until after 6. So, I just laid there for three hours with contractions far apart, me not dialating, and the baby kicking tons and tons.

Dr. Silva came back to the hospital around 6:30 and broke my water. Still nothing. Contractions and kicks were more painful, but I still wasn't dialating, and contractions were still far apart. After a few hours of that, and me on the verge of a break-down, Dr. Kacenga came in and gave me pitocin. This sped things up (THANK GOODNESS). I was suprised that I was able to handle the contractions on pitocin ok (not perfectly, but I could pretty much relax through them), but the kicking was just about too much for me.

I was very lucky during this time with my labor team. Stephanie and John applied counterpressure during contractions so the contractions weren't quite as painful. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds. They have to apply all their weight in just the right spot. And they did this for hours. They were AMAZING troopers!!

Every once in a while I would sort of fall asleep and they'd wake me up saying "Breathe! Breathe!" And they'd be fanning my face trying to make me take a sharp breath in. I guess the baby's heart rate was going down or something.

About 9 I was so exhausted that I was barely able to focus my eyes. I knew it was about time to push, but I didn't think I could. Somebody would be talking to me and it was like I couldn't understand what they were saying. It was a very strange feeling, I felt completely out of control (looking back, I was totally in transition).

It was confirmed that it was time to push, and with the next contraction I was supposed to push, the next contraction came, and I pushed, but Dr. Kacenga said I wasn't even pushing. (WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?) I remember saying "God, help me." I just didn't think I could muster the stregth to do it. I remembered a conversation I'd had with John a few days before about what pushing felt like (all mothers know, sort of like pooping, right?) So, in my head I thought to myself, "These darn doctors making me push! They would deserve it if I DID poop on them!" So, ladies and gentlemen, THAT was my motivation for bearing down and pushing. ha ha (And no, didn't actually poop on them, and looking back I am thankful.) After a few screams and tears and pushes, Logan was out. I couldn't even move afterward. I just kind of sat in awe at what had just happened.

Of course, once I came-to, I instantly fell in love with my darling little Logan. He has my heart now, and I am just grateful I was able to deliver him safely.

That evening Logan got to meet his brothers, and other family members. It was wonderful. The next day I felt SOOOO GOOD! Better than I've felt in a long time. I was released around 11am. Right before I left I remember my back being a little sore in one spot. It's been sore there a lot lately, and I'd been chucking it up to pregnancy, and so I just figured now it was because of delivery. Well, the pain got worse and worse throughout the day, and by 6pm I couldn't even stand up straight. So, I called the OB on call, and she said it sounded like kidneys, and to go to the emergency room. So, the older boys went back to my parents house, and John and I and Logan headed to the ER. They thought it was either kidney's or muscles, so they had to get a urine sample, which they had to do with a cath (yes, that's right, a cath the day after having a baby, I think it's just cruel! And boy did they have a heck of a time getting it in because I was so swollen, it took a couple different ladies trying, and in the end it was a contaminated sample anyway, ughh) They couldn't figure out what was going on, so they were going to release me, but then the pain came back real bad, so they did a CAT scan on me, and found three kidney stones. Two small ones on my right side, and one on my left side that was giving me all the grief, aparently it was about 6mm, which may or may not have to be operated on. I will have to wait 6 weeks to see if it passes. We didn't get out of the ER until about 2am. So, during the next 6 weeks, I will have to wait as this pain comes and goes. Sometimes I feel perfectly fine, other times I can't stand. This could be an interesting few weeks ahead of me.

So, anyways, that is the birth story. A birth and a kidney stone in two days. Oh the fun. But really, truly, I was so blessed in about a thousand different ways along the way. I didn't have to be induced, I made a perfectly healthy baby, I have had all the help I need, etc. etc. etc. Although this post focuses more on some of the more dramatic parts of the week, I'd say this week was a ginormous miracle. I love my family, and am thankful for the role I have in it...but next time, an easier delivery, please.

The new man in the fam!

Logan Tyler Tilton

June 3, 2010


9lbs 0oz, 22 inches

I am very very very happy to report the healthy arrival of our newest addition! Already Logan has a very peaceful personality that we all just adore. I know he is going to be a wonderful part of our family!


During labor I did a lot of standing, and my feet got cold and sore from the floor, so John let me use his shoes. I promised I would TRY to not have my water break on them. I did good, his shoes stayed clean.

Me in labor.

Oh thank goodness, he came out!! And there's the proof: 9lbs 0oz

Poor little guy, it's GOT to be a rough entrance into the world! You can see the bruise on his face a little in this pic. He scored a perfect apgar though!

And here's one of those AWFUL post-labor shots that you just have to add. With me is Stephanie Fritz, she assisted in the birth, and was monumental in helping me stay focused. Hand down, there is no way on earth I could have done what I did without her there. Thank you, Stephanie!!

John being a proud Daddy! Gosh I love these dudes!

In the evening, we got some much-anticipated visitors. Logan's brothers, grandparents (all 4), Uncle Jacob, Aunt Shelisa, and Dyanna Luevano.

Cory is such a marvelous big brother. He wants to help with everything, and he practically doesn't leave Logan's side. He wants to be there for Logan however possible. It is obvious that Logan feels safe around Cory.

Bryson is going to be the "fun brother". Logan loves him, but it may take him a few more months to appreciate Bryson's energy around him. :)

Dallin is VERY curious about Logan. He doesn't quite know what to think about the little guy yet, and for the most part, he just leaves him alone. Although, occassionally he'll try to help by feeding him pudding or throwing him a toy.

This picture is cute because Dallin was giving Logan a kiss. He kissed his hand and very gently put it on Logan's head.

Me and my joys! I mean boys!

I was glad that Dr. Kacenga was able to deliver Logan. Dr. Silva was on call for the first part of the labor, but I held out long enough for Dr. Kacenga to be on duty.

Me and my perfect new baby the morning after his birth!

When we went to my mom's house to pick up the kids, this sign was waiting for us. The older boys worked very hard on this sign, and it was made with a lot of love!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little pregnancy update

I had my doc appointment today. Since on Friday I will be 42 weeks, they're required to induce me by Thursday, so I have an induction appointment set up for Thursday morning at 6am. I asked about the induction process, they give you pitocin and break your water to start out with. YIKES!!! I mean, that sounds like some seriously HARD labor, with practically nothing working up to it. I wonder if he'd just break my water and wait an hour to see if contractions started on their own, that way I could keep things natural.

So, for a quick funny story, when I went in today, there were several people in training. One came in with the nurse and learned to check the heart beat. Another resident came in with the doc. (Unfortunately for me, it was a young, semi-attractive doc). The doc checked my cervix (YAY I'm at 3.5 with bulging membranes!!!!!!!!!!). Then he asked if the resident could check my cervix. He said, "I know YOU won't mind, you're an old veteran at this" I'm sorry, but having someone stick their hand up your...whoo not something you can ever get used to. But I said "sure, the more the merrier, right?" So, this was the first time he'd ever checked someone, so I had to just sit and twiddle my thumbs while he figured out what he was doing. Ha ha ha, yeah, great fun.

The good news is that I am on my way, starting to dialate and with my waters bulging. I had him strip my membranes and I will go on a several mile-long walk this afternoon with my sister. I'm desperate to avoid the induction, if possible, so I'll give it my best effort.

Wish me luck!!!!