Sunday, February 9, 2014

Roadtrip to TX, Logan turns THREE!

The week after school got out we took a road trip to TX to find a house.  It was so wonderful to see John again!!  It had been a couple months.  The kids were VERY excited to see Daddy.  

We drove from Dallas, GA to Dallas, TX (14 hours) with six kids!  Who-AH!

Then made the trip to see daddy in Odessa, another six hours.  We were GLAD to be there with him!!

We stayed in a hotel in Odessa with Daddy.  Tight living arrangements, but still very fun!

The pool at the hotel was a BIG hit!

Love these boys!  It was nice having time to ourselves.  Daniel and Kristina stayed with their dad in Odessa.  

On Logan's birthday, we woke up in Odessa, but had to drive back to Dallas to start our search for a house.  Being stuck in a car is not much of a birthday for a three year old, but we made the best of it!  We had Whataburger for breakfast.  Mmmm  Obviously with chocolate milk.  ha ha.  

We went to Walmart, and let him pick out some presents.  :)

Driving....driving...driving... and DQ for lunch!  

The older boys were wonderful about celebrating him!  :)  
What a special little crew!  

We left Daniel and Kristina in Odessa with their dad, and we didn't get them back until we officially moved into our new house.  

House-hunting was miserable and awful and if I never do it again, I'll be happy.  We even stayed an extra few days because we couldn't find anything!!

Our last day at our beloved GA house was June 30th, and by June 13th we still hadn't found a house to live in.  So, we had to leave TX and go back to GA to pack up a house in two weeks, without a house to move into!  Talk about SCARY!  

We were starting to think of alternatives...should we stay in a hotel in Odessa with John until we find something??  But then what about registering kids for school...  Could we find an apartment?  Etc.  

BUT...Heavenly Father was looking out for us.  He always does, don't know why I doubt.  On the drive back to Georgia, about halfway home, we got a phone call from our realtor!  We had a home to move into!!!  Oh happy day!  Tender mercy!  I hadn't even seen the house, but I quickly agreed that we would move there.  I didn't care if it was a shack!  I just wanted to have a home!  

Well, after I got off the phone with the Realtor, I hurriedly looked up the home, because I honestly had no idea which home he was talking about!

Well, it was NOT a shack.  It was a 5 bdrm, 3 bath, 3250 sq foot home in suburbia, Fort Worth!  Beautiful! In a wonderful community, with a wonderful ward, and wonderful neighbors.  More than what we needed.  More than even what I wanted.  Just a huge blessing all around!

The rest of the drive flew by!  I spent most of it in prayer thanking God for giving us such a blessing!

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