Sunday, February 9, 2014

Expanding the family a little

In April our family grew a little.  Our good friend, Matt, gave me guardianship of his kids.  Kristina, 14, and Daniel, 16.  

John and Matt would come home on the weekends, and this is the crew during the weekdays, minus the costumes, of course!  :)

Sorry I couldn't find a more flattering pic of you, Kristina!!!!  ha ha.  Poor girl spent four days in the hospital.  Never could find out what was going on.  

Kristina and my very good friend, Ashley.  :)

On our move out to TX!

Logan LOVED Daniel and Kristina!  And they were pretty big fans of his as well!  ;)

At Cory's music concert!

They cleaned out my car without me even asking!!!  (How do I get my own kids to do this!?!?

They stayed with us from April to July , and then August to November, so about 8 months total.  They were a WONDERFUL addition to the family, and they are missed.  They were able to go back and live with their Dad in Georgia.  Yay!

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