Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bryson's baptism

Within a few weeks of moving to the BEAUTIFUL Georgia, Bryson turned 8 and was baptized.  

It was a little bit of a challenge because we weren't really established in the area yet, and Bryson was definitely feeling a sense of loss.  Moving from where he had both sets of grandparents who were both heavily involved in his life, to across the country was a little hard.  But this boy is a trooper! 

AND we have fabulous family!!!

Several family members made the trek to be there for us for Bryson's special day.  We were so blessed.  I am quite bummed that I didn't get pictures of everyone that came.  

Here are the cousins eating breakfast.  We didn't have chairs in our dinning area yet, so there were lots of "picnics" on the kitchen floor.  :)  

Love that the cousins are BFFs!!

My parents and Bryson.

Mom and little Logan.  :)

Proud daddy.  There is something so incredibly special about seeing my husband dressed in white to baptize our son.  INCREDIBLY special.  *heart melting*

Not a flattering picture of the adults, but here we are.  Proud of our boy!

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