Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting the cast off!!!!

After six weeks, five with a very STINKY cast!!!, the day finally came for him to get his cast off.  

Logan was actually VERY scared.  He was afraid his leg would hurt again if the cast came off.  Breaks my heart.  So, I loaded him up with valium (he had a perscription for it, no worries), and we headed to the ortho office.  

Poor boy, so scared.

We "practiced" getting the cast off lots of times.  I would make loud sounds and shake the cast a little (all while smiling and laughing), pretending I was taking off the cast, and then we would cheer when it "came off".  I had prepped him as much as I could, but it was still a very scary experience for him.  

Here he is, after getting his cast off.  Not really sure what just happened.  But I was a proud mama.  He didn't cry during the process, only when we moved him around.  Those large muscles get very stiff from being in the same position.  I was a very proud mama.  

Here he is, wearing PANTS!!  yay!!!

When we got him, the Dr. told me to give him a warm bath and lots of pain meds to help him with the muscle pain.  He couldn't even sit up on his own, so I put on a bathing suit and sat with him in the bath, very very aware that this was the first bath he'd had in weeks, and there had been poo stuck to all his skin.  Nastiest bath ever, but my boy needed me.  So, I just womaned up!  :)

On the couch after his first bath!  Happy to be done with the ordeal, and very high.  

That evening Nanny flew into town.  He slept most of the way there.  It was wonderful being able to use the car seat again, although he chose an interesting way to sleep in it!  Funny thing is, here we are, over a year later, and he still sleeps with his legs apart like this in his car seat.  

Waking up from his nap, and realizing, for the first time, he could SIT BY HIMSELF!  Can you just see his PRIDE and JOY!!!!!  Proud of you too, bud!!!!

The day after he got his cast off was Halloween.  We adopted Dallin's old costume because it would be comfie and warm for him with his owie leg.  

Boys with nanny!

Letting him eat as much candy as he wanted!  :)

Getting to play while sitting!  Oh, it's the little things in life!  

Learning to scoot around!


Taking a step!!

It took him six weeks from getting the cast off to be able to walk again.  We were so very very proud of him.  He was such a trooper!

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