Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting ready to move

Finally it was time to start the packing process.  Two and a half weeks to pack the whole house!  Whew!  

Ready!  Set!  GO!!

Cory stayed behind in Texas with my sister, Reenie, to help lighten my load a little.  (Thanks, Reen!)

And I rolled up my sleeves, and started!

LOTS of work.  Luckily my mom came for the last week to help with the cleaning at the end.  

Gotta love when you break your toe moving week....

The kids spent many afternoons and evenings catching lightning bugs with neighbors.  Such a heavenly place.  It's hard to feel stressed when it's just so gorgeous outside!!!

Dallin and Destiny.  

The boys with Henry and Isaac, after a night of lightning-bug catching.  They were in paradise!

The boys with Ashley's kids, Zoey and Bekah.  Cutest kids ever!!!

Just look at that face!  And such a sweet spirit!  

Ashley and I on one of our many adventures!  I think I would have lost my mind if it weren't for her!  
Such a support and distraction!!

An adventure to Catch Air.  Such fun!  

We were blessed so much during this time period.  Glad we made it through.  John and Matt came to help us move a couple days before "lift-off".  The house was PRETTY MUCH ready...  :)

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