Sunday, February 9, 2014

Logan's broken leg

In a previous post, I posted about Logan's broken leg.  It sure was undoubtedly an interesting ordeal.  He was a trooper, and so cute.

So....the cause of the broken leg:  Bryson + bike

After waking up from anesthesia where they set and cast his leg.  I love that the children's hospital had a wheel barrow to put him in.  He loved it, and we were able to go on little walks without jostling him too much.  :)  We just cushioned it with lots of pillows.  

They told us instead of a wheel chair, just use an umbrella stroller.  He fit just perfectly.  We couldn't use it for the first week or so because he needed to have his leg as elevated as possible to prevent swelling.  To keep him warm, we used a big daddy sock on one leg, and a little daddy sock on the other.  

He had to sit on my lap to eat.  He got extra treats.  

Bless Aunt Jessica's heart for coming and staying with us for a week!  She was a WONDERFUL help and support.  And my kids all LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  And UNO.  This is Dallin and Aunt Jessica.  

Logan spent a lot of time on a bean bag.  

Carrying Logan with his cast was...well...a little awkward.  And heavy.  

I would always sit him up on the couch, but he always ended up in this position.  Apparently he thought it was more comfortable, despite it looking like I was just neglecting the poor child.

I could only spot bathe the poor boy.  I would bassically rub him down with a warm washcloth as best I could, and then use a squirt bottle for his hair.  Here he is drying off with his little goat from "Goatpa"  aka Grandpa Goates.  (my dad)  He told me that the goat had an owie leg so we wrapped up the owie and Logan took very good care of the little goat.  

Logan was supposed to have the cast on for six weeks.  The first week.  Repeat, the very FIRST week he pooped and it went all the way up the back of the cast, and was almost coming out the top of the back!  Poor child.  I called the DR to see what we're supposed to do, expecting that they had a way to replace the batting or SOMETHING, but no.  The only way to fix the problem was to put him back under general anesthesia, and recast the entire spica cast!  So, they said to clean it out as best I could

...and if he starts to stink...


Yeah.  Fabreeze!  So, I went to work trying to clean out the nasty mess inside his cast.  I went at it daily for the next six weeks, and every day I found more *chunks*.  Ewww.  But between my cleanings, and putting lots of triple antibiotic ointment and oils on any sores that developed, he was able to remain in the same cast.

Needless to say, we went through a LOT of fabreeze.  

He couldn't fit into a car seat because of how his legs were positioned, so he was supposed to use a harness.  Here he is, all harnessed and ready to go!

When we started going stir crazy, we'd take him on walks in our little wheel barrow.  He enjoyed it, but the sun would always get in his eyes, so big brother Dallin let him use his sunglasses.  The stuffed dog went with us on most walks too.  

Xray of the leg after being in the cast for 5 weeks.  

They said it was "healing niceley".  To me, it still looks WAY broken...but I guess they're the experts...

This is what he did, instead of a carseat.  We put his harness on, and then ran the seat belt through it.  The tricky part was making sure the seat belts weren't poking him.  

Site seeing Georgia.  Love my boys!!!

Road trip to visit daddy who was working in Tennesee!  Have you seen a more beautiful place?  EVER???  Breathtaking.  The whole state.  Breathtaking!

Logan didn't fit in a grocery cart because of the bar between his legs.  For grocery shopping we would use the little carts with the car in the front.  To maneuver him in, I would have to turn him almost upside down and sideways.  I wish I could have gotten a video of trying to get him in, I'm sure it was quite comical, and usually took a few tries.  But every time I tried to put him in, my hands were quite full!!

Every once in a while we would have to go somewhere that didn't have the car on front - cough- walmart - cough cough.  I couldn't make those trips on my own because I needed one person to push the cart, and one person to push Logan.  So, I would recruit a little boy to help me run to the store.  I wouldn't trust them to push Logan (last thing we need is them running the stroller into a wall and hurting Logan), so they would be in charge of pushing the cart.  Here is Dallin, barely able to see over the cart, pushing the heavy cart full of pumpkins!  Happy halloween!  :)

Thanks for helping, Dallin!  I genuinely couldn't have done it without you!

Getting ready to go to a ward Halloween party!  :)

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