Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Love Toilet

Over the past few weeks I have been tending to sick kids...a lot.  I love the kids, and I love taking care of them, but nonetheless, there has been fatigue on my part.  Over the past five nights I think I've averaged about 3-4 hours of sleep per night, most of that in a sitting position holding a baby.  Plus naps have been scarce.  So, my mental state was already precariously teetering. 

To keep from going bonkers in the middle of the night while Logan just won't stop fussing (poor boy), I turn on whatever movie I can find on netflix that strikes my fancy.  Last night I watched Saturday Night Live: best of commercial paradies.  So, already sleep deprived, and at about 2 am, with a crying baby in my arms I watch the following video....

...and I laugh....

....I laugh HARD.  Perhaps it's really that funny, or perhaps I'm headed for a psychotic break from the sleep deprivation, but I found this freaking hilarious. 

So, enjoy.  Or just think to yourself how crazy I am.  Either way.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sometimes being a mom is just plain fun

So, this morning we were doing our "Saturday morning chores".  Boring. 

While the kids were in their room "cleaning" I hear Cory shout "Move it!  Move it!" to one of his brothers. Not so nice, but it gave me an idea.  I go to and find the song "I like to move it move it" from the movie Madagascar and run into their room dancing away.  They start laughing, and then they start screaming "AHHHHHHHHHH, mom's shaking her bottom again!!!!"  ha ha ha  So, of course the song has been on repeat all morning.  They keep running into whatever room I'm cleaning in and then run out screaming "Ahhhhhhh, Mom's shaking her bottom!!!!"  he he he  The cleaning hasn't gotten done any faster, but we've sure had a lot more laughs doing it this way.  

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cory's baptism

I was fortunate enough to experience one of those "proud mama" moments this weekend. 


Cory was baptized on Jan 1, 2011. 

Here John and three of our boys are right before the baptism.  I wish Logan had been awake to be in the picture too. 

Look at those two glowing boys!  I guess it was one of those "proud wife" moments too.  So very happy that Cory chose to be baptized, and that my handsome husband could be the one to do it. 

We were a little nervous about Cory getting baptized because of his fear of the water, coupled with the fear of the unknown and the fear of being watched by people.  He told me he wanted to do the right thing, he was just scared.  So, we practiced and practiced and practiced.  We even went down to the font a few days before to familiarize him with the room. 

We said many prayers together asking Heavenly Father to give him peace so he wouldn't be scared.  As always, Heavenly Father came through for us.  Cory was just beaming once he got to the church.  He wasn't scared, just happy and excited.  He went through the baptism beautifully. 

Because of how the chairs were set up, he couldn't go in through the men's dressing room, he had to go in through the women's (which is different from what we had practiced), and we almost lost him, but he was able to do it.  I think we all breathed a little sigh of relief...and then beamed with pride.  :) 

After the baptism Cory went in the dressing room with his Daddy to get changed.  Later John told me Cory kept saying "I feel so happy.  I just feel so good.  DON'T LOOK AT ME!  I just feel so happy"  ha ha ha 

After the baptism we went to my parent's house to have a little open house in Cory's honor.  We originally chose to invite only immediate family to the baptism because we knew the situation was going to be difficult for Cory, and the more people watching him, the more stress there would be.  The day before the big day, Cory asked if his friend Hannah could be there, which I thought was sweet., if you didn't get an invte, please understand it's not because we didn't want you there, we were just trying to help our little dude get into that water.

Then of course we had to get some family shots. 

What a super-happy day!


The Goates family had a fun trip to CA over the Christmas break.  My parents, all my siblings along with their spouses/fiances/children came.  The only one missing was John.  *sad face*  He couldn't come because of work.  Here we all are at the hotel.

We had a heck of a time getting out there.  We were hoping to break up the 8-hour drive by  leaving Christmas Eve to stay with my brother in Casa Grande, and then head to CA the next day.  Unfortunately Bryson, Dallin, and myself ended up with strep right before the trip, so we stayed back and left Christmas morning, after antibiotics were fully in our systems.  My sister Shelisa was so sweet and stayed behind with me to help me in the car.  I don't think I could've gone if she hadn't helped me.  Thanks, Isha!

We got to my Grandma's house Christmas evening in time to have dinner with her.  My aunt Carolyn was there too.  What a wonderful crew.  Then we went back to the hotel to have a suprise b-day party for Carolyn.  So fun. 

The next day we went to church with my Grandpa.  Cory had a hard time with the change so he spent most of the time at church in the halls with aunt Carolyn. 

Then off to my Grandpa's house.  He read "The Funny Thing" to his great-grandchildren.  Cory and Bryson were totally into it.  His parents read this book to him, and I remember him reading it to me as a kid, and now my kids got it too.  Such a fabulous Goates tradition.

We had fun exchanging gifts, and the babies had fun playing with the wrapping.  Here's my neice Kali attacking an empty package someone had disgarded.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Here's Reenie's fiance dancing with Banana.  He's a ballroom dancer, so the women in the family were eager to take their turn dancing with him.  :)

Logan being adorable.

Sorry, Shelisa, had to put this one up.  We were all so tired.

Kali and Logan attempting to share.  They actually did pretty good for how young they are.

In the hotel the next morning, all ready to go out and have a super day at the Aquarium.  (Cory got to have a sleepover with Caleb in his room)

Touching sting rays!

This looks like something out of a nightmare.  These lobsters were freaky.  So very big.

Cory observing the Jelly fish!

Reenie, Caleb, and Bryson touching a shark!

Nanny and Logan looking at the fish swim by.  So cute.

Logan was quite intrigued.

Logan loves his Nanny Goates.  I love this picture, what a hug!

Afterward, lunch at Chili's.  Here's our table.  Aunt Carolyn, Cory and Bryson.

...and Logan too, though he didn't contribute much to the conversation.

It took three tables to fit us all.

What fun. 

After the Aquarium we headed to the beach.  We arrived just before sunset.  A little cool, but BEAUTIFUL.  Cory fell in almost immediately.  Poor kid was soaking wet, but they had SO MUCH FUN. 

Love this picture.

Dallin wasn't interested in the water, only the "giant sand box".  He spent his time looking for treasure.  He was a bit disappointed when we had to leave and he hadn't found any yet.

Caleb found a little crab.

Nanny helped Logan have some ocean-time.  Here's the proof.

Logan being crazy on the way back to AZ.  What a little nut.  He didn't like the car ride home.  Thank goodness I had Shelisa with me again to help me keep my sanity.

What a fun trip.  Lots of neat memories.

Cory turns 8!

I can hardly believe it!  Cory turned 8!!!  Wasn't it just last year he started kindergarten?!?! 

First thing in the morning:  PRESANTS!  He was totally excited about his Lego fire truck. 

Eating corn dogs for lunch. 

And of course, I've got to throw in a baby Logan picture.  Oh the cutie.

In the afternoon he invited some friends over for a very low-key birthday party.  They each got to decorate a gingerbread house.  My good friend Sarah Avalos came over and helped me keep control of the group.  :)

Cory working his artistic hand.

Here he is the next day with his gingerbread house.  Notice, nothing has been picked off.  He was so proud of it, he didn't want to eat it. 

Well, Cory, happy birthday.  You are such a neat addition to our family.  We love you, kiddo!  Thank you for being such a big help.  I love that you are eager to learn things to help me, and that you always express appreciation for the work I do.  :)  You make it easy to love you.  I'm looking forward to seeing the kind of man you will become.  Thanks for being mine.