Monday, May 31, 2010

The worst f-word you'll ever hear...



So, here's a n update for any of you who are curious what is going on and what is taking so long.

Tuesday - had an appointment, was still only 2.5cm dialated. This appointment was with Vivian, a nurse practitioner at Dr. Kacenga's office. She was pushing for an induction, but I told her no (repeatedly), so she backed off and told me to get an NST (non stress test) done on Thurs.

Thursday - had contractions all morning. Went to my NST at the hospital, baby is fine, contractions were strong enough to register on the monitor. Still a 2.5cm. After the appointment went to my appt with Dr. Silva, he told me to get an NST and BPP (Biophysical Profile) done on Monday, and meet with him on Tuesday. I had contractions, ten minutes apart for a full 24 hours after that. They were strong enough that I couldn't sleep through most of them that night. The next day, about 10am they stopped. They have been on and off ever since, varying in frequency and duration, but intensity seems to be getting stronger. I can only hope that means I am getting closer. A LOT closer. :)

On the bright side, this time has given me the chance to recover from a seriously rotten cold I've had for like three weeks now. I finally have my voice back, and I'm not coughing all night. (Yay!!) So, now that I'm feeling better, the house is getting back into shape, and I'M READY TO GO!

I have my NST and BPP today, we'll see how things go there. They don't let you go past 2 weeks late, which will be this Friday, so I may have to have an induction after all. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't have to go that particular route.

Monday, May 24, 2010

40 weeks and three days

Well, yes, still pregnant. I had my doc appointment today. Here are my stats:

Heart beat 147
Weight: Holding steady at 176lbs (none from the previous week, and 53 total)
Dialation: holding steady at 2.5, same as last week, and up from 2 over two weeks ago.

I have an NST scheduled for Thursday. They keep throwing around the word "induction", which is crap, I mean, I'm totally miserable, but come on! I'm only a few DAYS overdue! The lady I saw today said we need to get the baby out soon because my others were so big but HELLOO, I had NO problems with those deliveries. My last one was an hour and a half, and I didn't even tear! Pretty much a dream delivery, even if he was a little big (and heck, he wasn't even THAT big) Previous experience has shown that my body handles these babies just fine, so let them cook as long as they want. Seriously, he's got three older brothers, I'd be scared to come out too small too!

So, that is the preggy update, for all those who are curious. Kind of frustrating since I've had a pretty painful weekend, and did nothing, but want to wait, but the docs don't want me to. Plus I'm fighting off a bad cold I've had for like two weeks now. And today it got worse and I'm starting to loose my voice again. ughh. But...this too shall pass, and it makes the big day all the more worth it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A still-pregnant woman lamenting

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.
I'm standing here, can't see my toes
I just want to meet this new little guy
But the baby's not coming, He's taking his time
So pardon me, While I have a good whine.
I'm ready, I'm so pregnant I could cry.

So say hi to me, and wave to me
Tell me that I'm glowing
But if you mention twins, you have to go.
(Oh yes, you'll have to go.)
Cuz I'm overdue and in some pain
I'm sorry if I complain
Oh, gosh, I have to "go"

Yeah, I know it's totally cheezy, and I'm a total dork, but I couldn't help it, I had fun sitting down and writing this little tune. :) Feel free to edit or add a verse.

Friday, May 14, 2010

39 weeks

As of today, one week until my due date. Yay!!!

Ha ha, no wonder I'm starting to feel uncomfortable....look at how cramped things are in there!

(be nice to your mommy on your way out)
My add-on: Didn't think it was worth a seperate post, so I'll just add on to this one. I had my 39 week appointment today. Actually, technically I'm due in 3 days, so I'm a tad over 39 weeks. I'm only dialated to a 2.5. The Doc wanted to schedule an induction for Monday or Tuesday, only 3-4 days past my due date...sheesh! I mean, I'm miserable, but that is SOOOO not medically necessary. Why add unecessary medical risk, right??? So, I voiced my opinion and he scheduled me to see him next week and then we'll talk about the possibility of an induction. Blah.
The baby dropped over the weekend, and I was all excited that things were happening, but alas, I guess not. It was weird, though, I've never FELT the baby drop before. I've always just been told I suddenly looked lower. But on Saturday I felt a lot of pressure and discomfort, and then a few twinges of sharp pain. It was so sharp that I even yelped a few times when it caught me off guard. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. I went and laid down for a while, and couldn't shake the feeling. When I woke up and walked around a bit, and it still hadn't gone away, it clicked. Oooooh, the baby was descending! I felt a lot of pressure for the rest of the afternoon and into the night. When I woke up I could visibly see the difference. I look down and it's just not the same belly, and from the side I can see how much lower things have gotten. Supposedly the "dropping" in subsequent pregnancies doesn't happen until the onset of labor, but not for me apparently. Ah well, it's progress, I'll take it. As I become increasingly uncomfortable, I'm reminded that the more miserable I am, the closer I am to holding my little newborn. So, bring it!! (but make it fast.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I think it's good news...

I had my 38 week OB appointment today. This was the first appointment that I've brought Dallin to, I thought it would be fun for him to hear the heartbeat. Well, I totally forgot that Dr. Kacenga checks for dialation at 38 weeks - whoops! Dallin was busy playing with his trains, so I don't think he had a clue what was going on. :)

Anyways, I am dialated to a 2, and 50% effaced.

The reason I'm not sure if this is good news or not is because I was dialated to a 3 at 37 weeks with Dallin, and still went a week and a half overdue. I have had so much false labor with all of my previous pregnancies, but hardly any with this one, so I'm glad to see that I'm making SOME progress, but I just feel uneasy going into this with hardly any contractions. I guess it's just different, and that's what worries me.

I've survived the last three just fine, and I'd rather not have any suprises with this one, thank you very much.

As for weight gain, sitting at 173lbs, which puts me at an even 50lbs for the pregnancy, and no weight gain in the last week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

So, as for the pictures, yes, I'm big, I'm fat, I'm puffy, I'm pregnant, but I wanted to capture the wonderful memory of today and my super little crew that has made me a mother. Aren't they just adorable? I love 'em all!!

I woke up not feeling well at all, so my darling husband let me sleep in, brought me breakfast in bed with a heartfelt card, and let me go back to sleep. :) When I got up he'd cleaned the majority of the house.
He got the kids ready for church, and we went for Sacrament meeting. None of us were feeling particularly well, and I figure at this point we need the rest to get all the bugs out before the baby comes.
After church we had a FABULOUS dinner over at my parents house. My dad and John did most of the cooking...ahh, so yummy.
All in all, a wonderful day with the family. I am so very very very fortunate with them all. :)

...kissing the baby