Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cute Blurry Pictures

We got the cutest little boxer puppy yesterday. Her name is Nella and she is six weeks old. She's such a sweetheart, and seems to be getting along really well with the whole family. Bryson holds her as often as she will let him, and Dallin is trying so very hard to be "soft" - and is generally successfull.

For Cory's birthday he got a model volcano from Aunt Carolyn. We were able to do it the other day, and it turned out to be so totally awesome! The kids really loved it!!

The package came with goggles, so Cory got those, but Bryson was all sad that he didn't have any goggles, so he ran into his room and came out with his fireman hat with a flip-down visor. They were so cute.

For Valentines Day my wonderful hubby got me a mother's ring. He was so excited when he got it, he couldn't wait to give it to me. He was so good, he even scrounged up the money to pay for it on the side, so I wouldn't have to make a budget for it. It's just so beautiful, I love wearing it. Ahh, my wonderful hubby, how I love him!! The picture doesn't really do it justice, but I'll put it on here anyway.

Grandpa Goates came over the other day, and the kids were very excited to see him, they all crawled on his lap and he bounced them around. He will be doing rockets with them on Monday since he has work off and Cory will be out of school.

I also have a couple cute kiddlette stories:
Last weekend I got the stomach flu real bad, I couldn't do much more than lay down on the couch, but of course, I've got three kids! (John was at work). I told the kids I wasn't feeling good and to be nice to mommy, but I had no idea how far they would take it. They ran into their bedroom and pulled their blankets off their bed and gave them to me, and even covered me up, then they got a pillow for me. Then Cory cooked a hot pack for me. Bryson wanted to put on a movie for me, so he put on Bob the Builder :) Cory knew that this just wasn't right, so he went into my bedroom and found a Friends DVD and put that on for me. When the kids got hungry, Cory went in the kitchen and made sandwhiches for them. They played so well together that day too, it was just a miracle. They will sure make good daddies someday!!!
Ok, and then today I asked them to go clean their room, and then I walked away. Bryson called to me in the other room and asked why he needed to clean, but Cory ansered for me. He said "Just in case someone comes over. They will think our house is nasty and stinky and that we need to get a new house. We don't want that, do we?" Gosh, those kids sure make me laugh.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A pouncing bed bug

Dallin is known for being a wrestler. He's does it all, from wrestling his brothers to wrestling poor unsuspecting babies at church or at the park. One of his favorites, though, is getting into bed with his brothers and wrestling them there. He'll start out sweet, just cuddling with them, and then he'll pounce. It's so hilarious!!!
Here are a ton of pictures of my little pouncing bed bug.

And here is him with Bryson.

He starts out so innocent and deceptively sweet.

(Wow they look alike!)

Uh oh, it's beginning!


It's so funny to watch this little guy take on his big brothers. Everyone says he'll have to be tough to have two older brothers, but maybe his older brothers will have to be tough for when Dallin grows a foot or two.

A very fun December

We've had a lot of fun this past month! I just adore this time of year. I'm sad it's gone, but I'm happy about this next year, a lot of big milestones will happen. Here are a bunch of random pictures from the past month, in no particular order.

John was on the computer holding Dallin, and Dallin just passed out. I think it's a sweet picture

Dallin thinks it's hilarious when he sticks both his fingers up his nose and says "Da da da da". We can't help but burst out laughing, which I know encourages him, but how can we not???

On New Years Day we went up to Tucson to visit Jess and Jon Rutherford and John's sister and her family. Here is John with the very adorable Aimee.

We went with Jess and Jon to the Reid park and had a picnic.

John got caught talking to a random person at the park, and came running with Dallin on his shoulders to catch up. Dallin was laughing so hard, it was adorable!

Here are Jess and Jon's twins. They were so well behaved, they just sat and soaked in the scenery. In front is Karsten, and behind is Adon (I'm pretty sure, anyway!)

The two Johns and a Dallin.

Ok, so Dallin is always making this face, and it makes us all laugh. It started at the dinner table, and now he does it anytime. He's such a hoot! He gets pretty into it sometimes too. Last Sunday during Sacrament Meeting I looked over and he made "the face", but he arched his back so hard that he tipped backwards and fell over. Then he got up like he wasn't sure what had happened. It was so hard not to laugh out loud!!!

John has been getting home from work around 7 this past month. (He leaves about 5) So, he has the energy for a wrestle and a book with the kids, and then crashes. Here is him with the boys. He's such a good daddy.

On December 18th Reenie came home from her mission in Spain. Actually, her flight was delayed, so it was actually the 19th at about 12:30 that she landed - there were weather conditions in Denver, I guess they had "freezing fog", whatever that is! But either way she made it home safely.

It was way after the kids bedtime, so they stayed home with daddy and I went with my parents to the airport. My dad was able to check exactly where the plane was, the altitude, the ETA and everything on his blackberry, so that was a helpful tool as the flight arrival time kept changing.

And here's Reenie in the car ridde home. (Sorry about the pic, Reenie, it's the only one I had!)

Here are the kids playing with Granddpa Goates. They all love their Grandpa, but I guess that's obvious, isn't it?

Here is our home-theater system. The kids pull up their chairs and watch their movie. Today's feature film: Bob the Builder! I love how Dallin's feet don't reach the ground, it's so cute.

Jacob came over for a day and the kids made a fort outside on the basketball court. They spent a couple hours out there working on this masterpiece.

I think one of the boys must have put Dallin in this crate, but Dallin didn't seem to mind. At least they gave him a toy to play with while he was stuck in there!

I have had a lot of fun hanging out with just Bryson while Cory is at school. He's such a good kid, always wanting to help. Here he is helping me paint the front room.

Bryson loves climbing up in the tree in our front yard. He sits there and waits when we're expecting company.

So, that was our December. Loads of fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Santa was good to us...fate was not...

The Tilton family had a... well... an eventful Christmas. The kids had a blast, got tons of goodies, etc, so that was great. There is nothing like seeing the magic of Christmas with your kid. The bummer part was that our dog somehow got out and attacked our neighbors dog, so we had to put Mater down on Christmas morning. John was pretty bummed about it. He took care of that business while the rest of us enjoyed time with my family. Shelisa, Reenie, Jason, and Alissa were all in town, which made that trip a whole bunch of fun. Then we went over to my in-laws and had a very delicious Christmas dinner over there.

Cory got some binoculars with an outdoor kit, he thought they were pretty cool.

Bryson got a cowboy hat and a toy rifle.

Dallin was so excited about all the happenings that morning. You wouldn't believe the amount of candy that kid consumed on Christmas. Every time I turned around he had another piece in his hand or mouth, or both. If he started to fuss, his big brothers (trying to be helpful) would give him a piece of their candy to help him not be sad.

Before John put his dog down, he let him run and play over at his parents house. Mater ended up having a whole lot of fun, he even fell in the pool and got his first swimming lesson.

John and Mater.

Cory Turns SIX!!!!

My little Cory turned SIX on Dec 21st. It has gone by so fast, I just can't believe it. The lucky birthday boy got not one, but TWO birthday parties this year, one the week before his birthday for his friends from school and church. The next party was on his b-day with family. As I'm sure you'll be able to tell from the pictures, he thoroughly enjoyed both.
Here he is up at the counter with his friends. We ended up having 14 kids show up, it was a bit of a madhouse, but we survived, and all had tons of fun. We were so sad that daddy couldn't be there, he was working out of town.

And here is Bryson and Jonathon.

And of course, the main event, PRESANTS!!

My friends Stephanie and Amber...

Here's the actual day, and of course, opening more presants...

Please note the feet on the bottom of the following picture, the heels belonging to Reenie, and the black shoes belonging to my dad. Yep, I recognize those Goates feet even through the shoes. :)

All in all, lots of fun, and I am so grateful and humbled to be the mother of my very sweet little Cory. How I love his concern for others, and his goofiness. Happy birthday, little dude!