Sunday, December 19, 2010

So totally random

Over the past few days I have been enjoying playing with my kids.  Let's be honest, my housework has been neglected, and there may have been a burned dinner incident, but it's ok.  The time playing was worth it.  I'll have to go back to reality on Monday, but today, I'm going to enjoy my growing boys a little bit more.

I love how Logans arm is over Dallin.  They've got such a strong bond already.

Is he pooping or smiling?  Let's just hope it's the latter.

Dallin looks a little bit like an army dude with the face paint on.  I think this was hot chocolate.

But he sure cleans up nice!!
(how is he so BIG???)

My mom comes over every once in a while to entertain the boys while I do this'n'that around the house.  What a good grandma!

Boys have tea parties too...they just don't call it that

For the past few weeks, Bryson has been organizing parties for him and his brothers.  He makes sure there is some sort of snack (today was chips, carrots and ranch, and a cup of water).  He spends about an hour gathering supplies (today was napkins and a newspaper) and putting together his little party. if only I could get him to spend that much energy cleaning up after his party.  :) 

Boys are so fun!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Shelisa

Dear Isha,

These are for you.

This is little Dallin after getting his stitches out.  It was a traumatizing experience for him, but once they brought him the popcicle, 2 bags of teddy grahams, stuffed cow, and turned on the TV, he was ok.  

Logan 5 months and so adorable in his hoodie.

...And a cowboy needs a rope, needs a rope, needs a rope.  And a pair of boots, fancy boots, fancy boots, if he wants to keep ridin', ridin' along...

...the song forgot about the shorts, camo shorts, camo shorts...

Cory helps almost every morning with breakfast.  He stirs the eggs, he'll flip pancakes, mix the protein shakes.  He's awesome.  AND he loves doing it.  We may have a chef on our hands. 

Dallin waiting on Thanksgiving day for the pie.  He didn't let that thing out of his site the entire time.

The day after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas decorations.  I just couldn't wait anymore, I got way too excited.  We invited Jacob over for the special occassion.  This year the boys were able to rearrange the furniture so we could put up the Christmas tree.  I would just yell, "I NEED MUSCLES" and they would all come running to see what needed to be moved.  I LOVE HAVING BOYS!

Then they helped assemble the Christmas tree. 

Logan with his adorable little santa hat. 

Dallin loving on his brother, although it looks like he's giving him the heimlich.  :)

They were just so cute in their grubby faces. 

Logan has decided he loves his bouncer. 

You know in the movie Thumbelina when the leaves all fall and he says something along the lines of "Oh.  It's fall"  Well, that's what happened the other day for us in SV.  One morning we woke up and all the leaves had fallen off our tree.  The kids enjoyed playing in them. 

Little Logan just turned 6 months, and has learned how to sit up.  Awww, ain't he cute?!?!

And seriously, ladies, who wouldn't kill for those eye lashes?

And here's a blackmail shot.  Sorry Logan.  I just couldn't resist. 

This is better.