Friday, July 30, 2010

Good-bye summer, it's been fun.

Summer 2010 has been a very fun, very memorable summer. School is starting in a couple days, bringing all sorts of new adventures. I'm excited, but at the same time, I will miss having the whole day with me and all my boys.
Here's a glimps of some of our activities/random moments over the last few weeks as summer winds to a close.
For playgroup last week we took a trip to the firestation. The fire chief (Billy Seamens) asked for volunteers and Dallin wanted to help out with the demonstration.

I LOVE this next picture.

Logan has been growing so fast. He now weighs 14 lbs. He found his hands last week and constantly has them in his mouth.

My sister (Reenie) came down from Utah a little while back, and brought Caleb, her boyfriend, with her. We took a trip to Tombstone with them.

As a kid, John always hated going to Tombstone. He said the only good part was the treats, so he was sure the kids got to experience the "good life" in Tombstone. They definately didn't have a shortage of sugar that day.

John, the super dad! Gosh I love this guy.

The boys had LOTS of fun with Reenie and Caleb.

My father-in-law has had lots of Dr. appointments in Tucson in the last little while, so we've had fun watching Jacob.

Here's Dallin waiting patiently for lunch.

But I think the wait wore him out.

The other night John got off work and was about to hop in the shower, but got distracted with a punching match with the kids. Before I knew it, one by one the kids all took off their shirts to join in the fun. They were just trying to be like Daddy!

Logan and Daddy hanging out.

Me and Logan sitting on the couch enjoying watching a monsoon come in. I LOVE this weather!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bryson's 6th Birthday!

Yep, he did it, my sweet little Bryson turned 6!!!
(Oh gosh, could he BE any cuter???)

We started the birthday celebration off the night before with a double birthday party for Bryson and John's brother (whose birthday was 2 days before Bryson's).

It was a beautiful Arizona night for a BBQ and birthday party.

I made an ice cream cake for the big guy.

Here's the other birthday boy and Dallin

And of course, whenever there's a new baby around, everyone wants to get a chance to hold him!

Bryson worn out and cuddling with Grandpa Tilton

The next morning was Bryson's actual birthday. He started the day off in a GREAT mood, but that's just Bryson EVERY SINGLE DAY! He's so EASY TO LOVE!!!

Cory was an amazing help as I got the house ready for the party, but we had to take a minute or two to play also! Here he is, with his little creation, a duck made out of a balloon! How does he come up with these things??? He never ceases to amaze me.

I told Bryson he could have a few friends over for his birthday, and he wanted Bekah Howard and Heidi Gore. He also wanted a boy from school, but I had no way to contact him or his parents since it's Summer break. :( But we had loads of fun anyway!

Cory and Heidi -
this picture is so cute, I wish it weren't blury.

July 19th is also Heidi's birthday. She turned 6 too. I remember while I was in labor someone told me that Martha Gore was in the hospital having her baby too. Who would have guessed that 6 years later they'd be buds?

And of course, presants...

...and more sugar...

...and then tons of craziness...
These crazy kids made an indoor slip'n'slide. I thought it was a creative way to try to stay cool on a hot AZ summer day.
From left to right: Lizzie Howard, Dallin, Bryson, Cory, Heidi Gore, Rebekah Howard.

After the party, Daddy took Bryson to the Cove (our public pool). They had a LOT of fun. Bryson went down the big water slide 6 times.

We'd had so much junk food for the past couple of days, but I realized that Bryson hadn't had a chance to blow out candles yet, and how can you have a birthday without blowing out candles? So instead of making a cake, I got an order of lava cakes from Dominos and stuck candles in them. Bryson didn't seem to mind.

Logan enjoyed the festivities. I think even he put on some weight from the weekend.

One of Bryson's presants was a super soaker squirt gun! Unfortunately I was feeding Logan during the actual water fight so I couldnt' get a picture, but I did get a picture of the aftermath.

Bryson, happy birthday! I love you tons and tons and tons. You are a joy to raise, and I feel completely honored to be your mom. Between your sweet, calm personality and your ability to make friends and include everyone, you're one easy kid to love. Thank you for being mine.