Sunday, November 8, 2009

Catching up on last month...

First of all....MY POOR CAR!!!! We had a wind storm the other week (you know how bad they get in Sierra Vista, ughh!) Well, this one blew our swamp cooler off our roof and onto our car!

We heard a lot of noise during the night, but never did it cross our minds that it was our swamp cooler coming off our roof!! Luckily our car insurance pays for it (it falls under "wind damage") so we will be getting a check in the mail pretty soon, and because it wasn't "our fault" our premium won't even be going up! Meanwhile, it's totally embarassing riding around town with our little beaten up car.

We've also had a bunch of sickness in the home. It seems like every week is something new...this week it's the stomach flu. Here are the brothers cuddling with eachother watching a movie. They're so sweet. Whoever is well is always taking care of the sick brother.

My thyroid was out of whack again last month, so they've upped my medication, and so I've begun to keep up with the kids and house again. THANK GOODNESS! I still have to take a nap (and by have to take a nap, I mean HAVE TO take a nap, I swear, I'm like a two-year old, scheduling my day around nap time, but hey, whatever works!)

Ok, so these aren't the most flattering pictures of Dallin, but I had to get a picture posted. A few weeks ago we got home from church, and before we had a chance to get them out of their church clothes, the kids were playing in the backyard.
For whatever reason, Dallin decided it would be a good idea to go stand in an ant hill and stomp on ants. Well, the ants bit him several times under his chin. These pictures were taken a couple days later, and you can still see how swollen it was. John came home from work the next day and said, "Wow, Dallin is really getting chunky". No, the double chin is from the ant bites, poor thing!

What happened just after the ants got on Dallin was pretty remarkable. Cory, who is generally VERY scared of ants, saw that Dallin was screaming and had ants crawling all over him. He went up to Dallin and started flicking the ants off of him, one by one. After he got several off, he ran and got me, and then ran back to him and continued to get the ants off his little brother until I got there. I was so proud of him forgetting a HUGE fear of his, and just stepping up and taking care of Dallin. I told Cory that shows me he'll make a good daddy someday.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


So, I was a bad mother this Halloween, and only took a couple of pictures, and most of them didn't even turn out that well. But, we'll work with what we've got, right?

Here is Bryson (Spiderman) after the sugar hit his bloodstream.

Little Dallin (our little Monkey) digging into his brother's candy.

Cory was Bumble Bee (the transformer), you can see him running away from getting his picture taken.

We ended up having a LOT of fun. Bryson was invited to a party in the afternoon before trick-or-treating. His BFF from Kindergarten (his name is Cooper, they're inseperable) was allowed to invite a friend to his parent's Halloween party, so we ended up all going. Afterwards, we rushed home to get dinner ready (roast, mmmm) and we left trunk-or-treating with the Declett family.
The day before Halloween, my good friend Sarah Avalos invited us to a party her school throws for the kids of teachers. My darling grandma sent the kids some costumes, and it worked perfectly, so they didn't get their other costumes dirty or anything. Here is the picture they took there:

Grandma also sent a few hats for the kids. Here is a random picture of Dallin in the jester's hat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pat on the back, Brycie!

Last week I got a notice that Bryson would be given an award at an upcomming awards assembly for K-2nd grade. You can imagine how proud I was of my sweet little boy.
There were two types of award given: citizenship and student recognition awards. Bryson was awarded the student recognition award, and here is what was read about him in the assembly:

If the type is too small, here is what it says about him:
Bryson is an excited participant in all of our classroom activities. He shows a good attitude toward school and is very respectful of others. Bryson shares, listens, and works well with his classmates.
Ahh, I'm so proud of my boy! He genuinely is all those things, very thoughtful and optimistic. He's such a joy to be around, and I'm so glad that his teacher/classmates think so too. But who wouldn't, right. :)