Friday, March 8, 2013


Five years ago I took Cory to a specialist in Tucson with all my concerns about his behavioral and developmental issues.  Long story, short, I got a diagnosis that I didn't agree with.  Instead of finding a processing disorder (aspergers, pervasive development disorder, or some kind of sensory processing disorder), they told me he had a problem with his muscles.  (WHAT?!?)  (For the long version of the story, click here)  So, I just kind of left it for a while, always knowing there was something more going on.  I didn't need the correct diagnosis, I only needed A diagnosis to open doors at school to give him some much needed special accommodations.

So, for years I have left it at that.  Knowing there was something more, and always kind of curious EXACTLY what I was dealing with, but not really feeling it would do him any good because he was already getting the help he needed.

Until recently.

In the past few months I have noticed a few things that have concerned me, and I'm realizing at this point of his life, he's needing more than I know how to give.  So, today I was able to go to his new pediatrician and voice my concerns.  He is going to get Cory a psych consultation, and then when we get the results, the pediatrician will advise us or refer us to whoever he thinks is appropriate for the situation.

I am excited to have some progress, and have the prospect of getting answers, but I also have a lot of concerns and questions.

Will a psych evaluation detect a processing disorder, like I strongly suspect Cory has?  Or will they try to label it something like "anxiety" or "insomnia" or "social delay"?  I've already done the partial diagnosis thing, I want someone to see the big picture with Cory.  A partial diagnosis would probably only get him a doctor's prescription, but I want someone to see that these are only symptoms of what is at the root of all this.

Also, since we will be moving to Texas soon, I feel like we won't be able to get very far into this, and I'm afraid we'll have to start over once we get there.

I would really like to go back to the NACD, where I feel Cory got the most help.  But they are not covered by insurance, and also I feel like I have too much going on in my life right now to do the program justice because it is extremely parent-intensive. Maybe once we get settled in Texas we will be able to get started up with that again, but I'm not thinking life will be any calmer out there...

Anyways, here's hoping...  Love my Cory, just want him to have the best possible chance of succeeding at a happy life!