Monday, August 27, 2012

New haircut

After some massively bad haircuts I've had in the past, I was so happy to find an amazing hair stylist in Sierra Vista.  But...I moved.  I have been exceedingly terrified to get my hair cut since I've been out here, but my rag-a-muffin top was getting bad, so I bit the bullet (did a bunch of research) and got it done.  And....

...I like it.  Yay!

I am one loved mama!!

The other night we were all ready for bed a little early.  (And on a school night, no less!)  So, I sat on the couch cuddling with my darling Bryson. 

Out of the blue he asked me to lay on the floor.  At first I was reluctant, who knows what the boy is scheming, right?  But after him insisting, and not looking too awfully mischievous, I gave in and laid on the ground.  He then proceeded to give me a back massage!  Sweet boy!!!

Then his brothers joined in.  All of them.  I had one kid rubbing my back, one kid doing one leg, another doing the other leg, and little Logan patting my head.  I just laid there, being totally adored by my four sons.  

Now, if that wasn't sweet enough in and of itself, the boys started bringing out pillows for me.  Then came the blankets.  And then came the stuffed animals for me to cuddle with.  Then came the bowl of water for me to soak my fingers in.  Then Cory said he wished he had some music for me to listen to, so I showed him how to get Enya playing on my phone.  

I don't know if I have ever felt so loved in my life.  

Have I not mentioned how much I love having four sons? I mean, LOVE it!!!

When it was time for bed, Cory told me, "You know, Mom, any time you want a massage, you can just ask us, ok?"  


These are the moments moms live for.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School

Well, I have learned that people here in GA are crazy.  Straight up nuts.  

They start school, not just the first part of August, but the first DAY of August.  That's right.  One day it's July, and the next, oh, yeah, it's school.  

Additionally, the bus gets to our bus stop at 7:04 each morning.  What, do these Georgia residents just not need sleep?  Crazy, I tell ya!

There was a mad rush to get the kids registered for school, and actually I'm still trying to get some of their medical forms transferred from being on AZ forms to being on GA forms (which of course, only a doctor can do - rolling my eyes), but we did it!

My darling little Dallin started Kindergarten this year.  I have had so much fun the last few years with him home with me, I really had a hard time letting him go on the bus and off to school.  But I knew he was ready, so off he went.  *Tear*

Bryson went into 3rd grade this year.  He's just such a sweet heart!  I'm excited for him to get to experience learning and making friends at school. I know he'll do fantastic!

Cory started 4th grade this year.  Wowza!  He's now past my shoulders and up to my neck.  Heaven only knows how tall he'll be by the end of the school year.  I have been impressed with his teacher's patience and knowledge and desire to help Cory with his difficulties.  She's been extremely proactive, and Cory comes home happy, rather than his typical I-just-got-home-from-school-and-if-I-don't-get-a-nap-immediately-I-will-loose-it.  I am sure there are a lot of factors going into this marked change, but I am sure having a super teacher is one of them!  Yay!

Dallin getting on the bus.  Mama loosing it in the background.  

And then there was one.

At first I didn't know what to do with myself.  So I decided to clean the house.  

And you know what?  It stayed clean behind me.  Weird.  Apparently the three older boys really DO follow me around making messes right behind me.  I had always suspected, but now I have proof!

And then I went shopping.  And I was able to look at the things on the shelves rather than madly grabbing at anything in the basic shape or color of what I am looking for.  

I'm not going to lie.  It was nice.  And it's been nice ever since.

Poor Logan gets bored from time to time.  Well, most of the time.  He is so used to having the hurricane of boys blowing in the background.  

But he's learning to play by himself.  And I've had lots of time to play with him one on one, which I think we have both thoroughly enjoyed.  :)  Yay for being a mommy!!!

Just loving Georgia!

I am going to be completely unorganized with the sequence of some of these pictures.  Just trying to play catch-up.  There were threats against my life from a certain aunt if I didn't get some pics up soon of her here goes...

Logan, being a crazy maniac.  

Me, just before Reenie's baby shower.  Cory took the pic.  :)

I just love Logan's expression.  He is such a joy.  He carries that little toy dog around everywhere.  He feeds it and makes it take naps, the whole sha-bang.  So sweet.  

Bryson and I cleaning up once we got to the new house.  I just love being domestic again!  Love it, love it, love it!!!

We live at the end of a long cul de sac.  The kids spend endless hours playing in our quiet street.  Lots of balls and dart guns.  Life is good.

The boys love spending time with daddy.  I adore this group of guys.  They are my life.  

Working Woman

Me, all scrubbed up at 3:15.  Yes, that's a.m..  Not p.m.  The two, I have found, are quite different.  

As challenging as this job was, I was fortunate enough to work with patients that will forever leave a mark.  

I was quite touched to read this sweet woman's obituary (the last paragraph of the bottom photo)

To recognize our effort in an obituary was extremely touching.  So many patients I learned to love.  

Below are some pictures of what my job duties where:

First, each patient would come to the clinic with some kind of access point to their blood.  

Here's a central venous catheter (tubing that goes straight into their heart):  My responsibility would be to clean the catheter and change the bandaging, then hook the patient to the machine.  About 20% of our patients had this kind of access.  

The other 80% had a fistula, which is accessed through needles.  Mmmmm.  Needles.  Each fistula patient needs two needles placed, one for the blood to come out of, and the other for the blood to go back in after it has been cleaned.  

How cool is that?  It's incredible what modern medicine is capable of doing!

Here's is basically what things look like when they are hooked to the machine.  Most patients don't have their arm in a cast too.

Here's the machine that I was responsible for setting up, tearing down, cleaning, and setting up again.  Takes longer than one might think.