Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our first few weeks

Bryson turned 8 our first week in Georgia. A little sad for him because we had no friends or family to celebrate with him, but he appreciated calls from family! He's such a trooper, he just went with the flow, never complaining, but my mommy instinct could tell what was wrong. He's such a joy! Love my Bryson! He was able to start cub scouts this week, which is also totally cool for him, and he's already starting to make friends.

We are getting more settled every day. We are very happy here!! Although, I still don't think I've made it out of the house without getting lost! Ha ha!! It's an adventure every day, that's for sure! The kids are all registered for school, and will be starting aug 1st! They're nervous, but excited. Our ward is small, but friendly. I can tell they're already eying me for callings. I've heard they've been having difficulty filling callings. Gulp.

All in all, very happy to be here!! Excited for more of our adventure to unfold!

Home, sweet home

We love our new little house! We are still trying to sell our house back in Sierra vista, which makes the budget a little tight, but this house fits our needs perfectly!

The woods are behind our house. There is a rope tied to a high branch of a tree. The kids have spent endless hours swinging over a little ditch, easily catching 10-15 feet of air! About three minutes walking distance from the rope is a train track. It's a great path to hike, and so beautiful! Something about it reminds me of Ann of green gables.

I don't know if I've ever seen such a beautiful area. I am thrilled to call this home. For now anyways. :)

Georgia ho!

On July 12, 2012 we started our trek to Georgia. I was beyond relieved to finally be going. John had been away from home (other than the occasional visit here and there) since October. He'd been living in Georgia since march, and we were ecstatic to finally be joining him!! John came the week prior to our trek to pack up the moving truck. I stayed for another week and a half to do the final clean on the house. So, when we headed cross-country, it was just me and the boys.


I've never done a cross-country drive before. And definitely not with four little ones and no copilot. I had no idea what to expect. But off we went to the great unknown!!

The night before we left, my perfectly made plan blew up, so I got to bed way late, and I hadn't even started packing the car yet. I woke up at 3am and couldn't sleep, so I decided to pack the clothes. I went back to sleep for an hour, and got up and did some more packing. It wasn't until about 7:30am that I knew we were going. There were still loose ends that needed to be tied at the house. It felt like one of those nightmares where you're trying to do something, but with every step, you have more stuff to do and it's just never ending. So, about 7:30 I decided I just didn't care about the loose ends, and I was just going to go be with my husband, come what may!!

We left about 8:30 with our SUV bursting full of our stuff. I was finally free!! The kids did beautifully. I mean it! They watched movies without fighting all day! Even Logan, barely 2, sat without fussing the entire day! (thank goodness for DVD players!!!). We stopped and saw THE THING at the gas station, something none of us had ever done before. I had my first, second, and third energy drink ever, and we made it safely to Odessa, TX by nightfall.

The hotel was, well there's no gentle way to put it, it was just plain nasty. We found a half eaten chili pepper in one of the drawers. There was a mystery curly black hair on the toilet, the floor seriously didn't look like it had been swept, and the shower curtain was dirty. Bleck! (it was a days inn, for any who are curious). The pillows were so hard they gave me a headache, so after a couple of hours of sleep, I got up and showered and we were outa there.

Off to Dallas, tx where John has three siblings. Kids did great, yet again. They started to get a little wrestless about 8am, at which point I may or may not have given them dramamine. They were asleep for the rest of the drive.

When we got to Jess's house, jaren watched the kids and I got some good girlie shopping time in with my sister in law. Love her! We had a fabulous dinner over at my brother in laws house, and the kids were able to jump on the trampoline, play laser tag, billiards, and computer games with their cousins. Us adults played card games and chatted. It was the perfect vacation after such an overwhelming couple if weeks.

The next day we went to the lake with josh, megan, Jess, and jaren! Oh so much fun!! The sun was heavenly, and the kids had SO MUCH FUN! That night, we did fireworks back at Jess's. Not the sissy fireworks that you're allowed to do in Sierra vista, but real, honest to goodness fireworks. Fun!!

The next day I felt relaxed and rejuvenated, and we set off for the last leg of our journey! We left about 9:30 am. Talk about excited!!!

And we weren't the only ones excited! John called several times to see where we were. He was thrilled to be able to have his family back!! *little squeal of joy*

The drive from texas to Georgia is very different than the drive from Sierra vista to Texas. It's BESUTIFUL and GREEN!! There are tall trees lining the sides of the freeway. Just walls of green. I was taken back by the beauty. I enjoyed the drive. And the kids, once again, did marvelously. They just watched tv and slept.

We got to Dallas, GA about 10:30 pm. John waited up for us, even though he had to go to work the next day. He decorated the kids room with a bunch of balloons, and he put a sign on their door too! (we figured we'd let them sleep in the same room the first night, since it was a new place and we didn't want them to be scared). John also put a sign on our bedroom door. ;). Love my husband!!

What a neat experience! I am no longer scared of driving cross country and we are safe and happy in our new home!

Goodbye Sierra vista

It's always sad to say goodbye to friends and loved ones!

Oh! Can't I just GO???

My last few weeks in Sierra vista were, well, trying. There was too much to do, and only me to do it. Well, me plus 4 little ones. Lucky for me, I had parents, inlaws, and friends come to my rescue. I was blessed! But by the end, I was also just exhausted and more than ready to leave.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Logan turns 2!

Logan turned two on June 3rd. Poor little guy was sick and feverish half the day, but we still managed to have fun spoiling our sweet little boy! What a joy he is!