Saturday, November 1, 2008


My three boys all dressed up for Halloween!

Cory is an EMT (looking suspiciously like a fireman), Bryson is a fireman, and Dallin is Bob the Builder.

Cory was really sick the night before with croup and an asthma attack. I didn't think he'd be able to go trick-or-treating, but he was determined and made up his mind that he would feel better, and he DID.
The hat bothered his extra-sensitive head, so we put a beenie on under, and it worked fine.
He's such a nut!

Bryson's costume was a little bit too big. I had the option of cuting it to fit, or letting it be big and fitting him for a few extra years. He loves this costume so much, I figured I'd let it be too big for the time being.

Bob the Builder was originally going to be a skunk, but we had some last minute change of plans. He's so stinkin' cute as Bob, though.

Daddy thought his overalls were pretty handy. I love Dalin's face in this picture! Utter glee!

Dalllin wasn't thrilled about the hat, but he wore it a good part of the night.

Dalin thought trunk-or-treating at the church was all right, but the real good part was going home and discovering TONS OF CANDY! He like that a LOT! The older boys loved sharing with Dallin because he got so excited withevery new piece of candy.

Grandpa Goates came over after trunk-or-treating and helped us wind the kids down after their sugar-rush.

Dallin's Modeling Debut

I generally have lots and LOTS of "help" in the house, out in the yard, and whenever I go shopping. Sometimes the kids even "volunteer" without asking, or even me knowing about it. Dallin "volunteered" the other day in the garden, and was just so happy, I couldn't help but let him continue to "help". He's such a stud, here are his other modeling poses...

The front shot

The rear shot

Bending over

And a close-up on his face

What a handful, but he coudn't be any cuter, I swear!